Monday, June 22, 2009

Yet Another Republican Appears to Self-Destruct

This time it is S.C. Governor, Mark Sanford. Sanford just led an unwise political fight to keep stimulus money from his state. South Carolina has schools that are literally falling apart, yet he refused to take money that would save them. Fortunately, for his state, he lost.

Now Sanford has "disappeared." His wife doesn't know where he is, and has not heard from him in several days, nor does the Lt. Gov. He has supposedly taken time away from his state to recuperate after losing the stimulus fight, and to write something (His resignation, maybe?). His wife and sons were vacationing on the S.C. coast this past father's day weekend. The Lt. Gov. was not left in charge, and a confidante who tried to reach him, said all he got was voice mail.

When I was a manager, responsible for a 24/7 regional operation, I had to leave notice of where I was, so I could be reached. I also left my assistant in charge with instructions to make decisions that he felt comfortable with. I can't imagine a Governor leaving his state (Sanford's last phone call was taken near Atlanta.) with no one in charge and even his wife not knowing where he is. The height of irresponsibility...but this is a Republican, and these days they seem to be capable of the most outrageous behavior.

Gov. Sanford may be taking a page of The Alaskan Bimbo's book. He may be looking for a bit more publicity. If you don't have an unmarried daughter with a child to exploit, or David Letterman to pick a fight with, just "disappear" for awhile. Let your wife and friends create the mystery. Then you can blame the media for making a big fuss over "nothing," and get some sympathy for trying to fight the big bad Democrat in the White House and suffering from exhaustion. There are all kinds of possibilities here.

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