Friday, August 28, 2009

Health Care, How Can We Not Help Our Fellow Man?

Please read Shannyn Moore's post about universal health care. I don't see how anyone could say it any better. There are many, many others like her friend Lennie. I simply do not see how anyone could be opposed to helping their fellow man, but there are millions influenced by bad politics and hate mongering.

No Show Palin

For the fourth time in the last several months, Sarah Palin has failed to show for an event which advertised heavily that she would be speaking. This time it was an event sponsored by the Alaska Family Council, kicking off a petition to place an initiative on the ballot, requiring parental notification prior to a teen abortion. Palin was supposed to speak and be the first to sign the petition.

Once again her representative stated that she knew nothing about a speech, although it had been advertised for quite some time. Palin, she said, is out of state and not available. Palin has been "away" for some time now and the Alaska blogosphere is alive with rumors of her status. The most speculation centers around some kind of face lift that is keeping her out of the public eye until it heals. Others see her disappearance as having to do with a rumored impending divorce from husband, Todd. Then there is the recent story about her daughter's involvement in drugs and alcohol. Some say a possible nervous breakdown may be affecting her.

One has to wonder what motivates Palin to back out of these speaking engagements and resign her governorship and still, presumably, intend to have a political career of some kind. This latest no show would appear to be a great opportunity for her to further her agenda, especially since it is one that would have wide support from both sides of the political spectrum. About all she has done now is to isolate some of her base.

Whatever the case, Palin continues to confound political pundits with her behavior. It has been a year since she burst on the scene after John McCain's ill advised choice of her as his running mate. She became the darling of those too blind to accept her ineptitude. Her failure to answer questions that should have been easy for someone rounded enough to run for VP of the United States made her a laughing stock among those who took the time to actually listen to what she said.

She has pretty much been written off by most real political experts. Even Newt Gingrich put his tongue firmly in his cheek and gave her a todo list that would allow her a political comeback. I do not see her as a real player in any coming election. Her die hard base of followers will continue to make excuses and turn out to listen to her, if she ever shows for a speaking engagement. Outside of that she is, for the most part, dead in the water, politically.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

...And Then There is This Repub...

Rex Rammell a GOP candidate for Governor in Idaho said, while discussing wolf hunting licenses, that he would buy a tag to hunt Obama. Smart, huh? Well, when you are talking to the base, it works. Why not slyly advocate assassinating the President, when your Christian right base prays for him to die? He has "apologized" of course, as is the standard Republican procedure when making outlandish, but in their case, serious statements. Just add this one to the long list of Republican devious hate mongering.

Another Republican Racist Speaks Her Mind

Rep. Lynn Jenkins of Kansas is the latest in a long line of Republicans who have let their racist dark side show. Recently, in a speech in her home state she said that Republicans are "looking for a great white hope" to stop the Democratic agenda and President Obama. These statements, and I have chronicled them in several other posts, are not slips. They are calculated to speak to the base. The base is for the most part the racist side of this country's voters, so it is easy to speak to them with a racial slant, then "apologize" later.

From racist emails to downright racist comments from the top of the party on down to the right wing radio and TV hacks, the GOP is showing its true colors. It works well with the base and continues to stir up the hatred and potential violence that lies underneath. There will be more of these comments over the course of the years coming from the GOP leadership and designed to keep the racist element stirred up. In the meantime the GOP will continue to flounder and move more deeply into a dark chasm.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

9/11 - Time to Move On

I received an email today from someone, using the World Trade Center attack as yet another nationalistic crutch to wave the flag and celebrate our "patriotism." Frankly, I think we need to move on past this tragedy. It has been used far to many times for purposes beyond its true meaning.

George W. Bush won an election misusing this terrorist attack. During the years following the attack he constantly reminded Americans of it and how his administration had thwarted another such holocaust through its constant vigil. At the same time Rudy Giuliani leaned on it as his only claim to fame, constantly bringing up his self proclaimed heroic actions following the attack, especially during his ill fated presidential campaign. Yes, he did a great job, but one can only go to that well sparingly, if it is to retain its true meaning. Expect to hear more about it during his upcoming gubernatorial campaign.

The attack on the World Trade Center was a horrific tragedy. We all remember where we were at the time we first learned about it. I was on I-95 south of Savannah, GA going about my work. I have always believed that it was a one-shot deal. We were told for years that Osama Bin Laden was out to destroy us and that this attack was only the first. However, it quickly became clear, that his people prepared for the one attack and did not have the resources to make another. Otherwise, they would have followed up. This country could easily been thrown into chaos, had they possessed the resources to put people in place to follow up with attacks on shopping malls, sporting events, subways, etc.

We were the victims of a terrible tragedy in part because we did nothing to prevent it. We are still very vulnerable as is any free society. Let's do ourselves a favor and let the horrors of that day in September of 2001 rest. We have issues today that far outweigh 9/11. We lose many thousands of people each day to terrible diseases, auto accidents, and gun violence. We have millions without health insurance and that many more who have no jobs. Let's remember these folks and do something to prevent their tragedies.

Somehow, these tragedies that are closer to us seem to slip through the cracks, unless they can be used as pawns in a political campaign. In reality politicians really do not want to hear about auto accidents, diseases, and gun violence. These are issues that cannot be used for political gain because we are all touched one way or the other by them. Politicians could actually do something about some of them, but they would risk the loss of votes. It is much easier to play on the fears and tears that tragedies such as 9/11 bring.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Obama's Health Care - "Yo Mama Obama"

A must read from an Athens, GA publication. The congressman from that area is Rep. Paul Broun, i.e. "Brounie," who hails from one of Barney Frank's planets. I'm sure you have heard some of his rants.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Extreme Media May Implode on Their Own

It is becoming clear that sponsors may be the vehicle, which puts extreme radio and TV hacks back under their rocks, whether they be so-called conservative or liberal. The right wingers will be affected most of course, because they are the most vocal and divisive. They spout extreme views and hatred more often. I'm sure there are a few left wingers, who are similar. The most vocal of the left usually spend their time calling out the right wingers because of the lies, venom and hatred that spews forth on their programs.

Thirty-three major sponsors have advised FOX News that they do not want their advertisements aired during the Glenn Beck show. Beck has spewed venomous rhetoric since he moved to FOX News, and it has become more harsh since the presidential election. Sponsors do not want their products associated with such negative talk. There is also an issue, I believe, with the fact that people such as Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly could ultimately be responsible for stirring up violence toward individuals or groups. On the other side, there is Olberman, who sometimes lapses into rants that could also move a loose cannon to act violently.

Sponsors are beginning to see that politics could have an effect on their business. Suppose all Democrats decided not buy from CVS, for example, because its ads appear on O'Reilly? What a disaster that could be for one of the country's top retailers! It is easy to see how such an action could snowball and consume other retailers. At this particular time in a bad economy it could bring a company to its knees quickly. Hmm, how about that?

It is my hope that this snowball will continue to pick up the chaff of radio and TV as it gets larger and rolls over the media. We need good constructive dialogue in this country. There is nothing wrong with debate, but these hacks have done nothing but divide and destroy. The politicians gleefully listen and let the blowhards do their dirty work for them, doing nothing to disavow them and their hatred.

If the Beck's and O'Reilly's of the world want to spew hatred, let them finance it. They are making millions off their venom. There should be no problem. If they truly believe that what they are doing is right, they should ante up their own money to continue. If they do not want to do that, then they can either shut up or straighten up and be civil.