Monday, August 24, 2009

Extreme Media May Implode on Their Own

It is becoming clear that sponsors may be the vehicle, which puts extreme radio and TV hacks back under their rocks, whether they be so-called conservative or liberal. The right wingers will be affected most of course, because they are the most vocal and divisive. They spout extreme views and hatred more often. I'm sure there are a few left wingers, who are similar. The most vocal of the left usually spend their time calling out the right wingers because of the lies, venom and hatred that spews forth on their programs.

Thirty-three major sponsors have advised FOX News that they do not want their advertisements aired during the Glenn Beck show. Beck has spewed venomous rhetoric since he moved to FOX News, and it has become more harsh since the presidential election. Sponsors do not want their products associated with such negative talk. There is also an issue, I believe, with the fact that people such as Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly could ultimately be responsible for stirring up violence toward individuals or groups. On the other side, there is Olberman, who sometimes lapses into rants that could also move a loose cannon to act violently.

Sponsors are beginning to see that politics could have an effect on their business. Suppose all Democrats decided not buy from CVS, for example, because its ads appear on O'Reilly? What a disaster that could be for one of the country's top retailers! It is easy to see how such an action could snowball and consume other retailers. At this particular time in a bad economy it could bring a company to its knees quickly. Hmm, how about that?

It is my hope that this snowball will continue to pick up the chaff of radio and TV as it gets larger and rolls over the media. We need good constructive dialogue in this country. There is nothing wrong with debate, but these hacks have done nothing but divide and destroy. The politicians gleefully listen and let the blowhards do their dirty work for them, doing nothing to disavow them and their hatred.

If the Beck's and O'Reilly's of the world want to spew hatred, let them finance it. They are making millions off their venom. There should be no problem. If they truly believe that what they are doing is right, they should ante up their own money to continue. If they do not want to do that, then they can either shut up or straighten up and be civil.


Diane J Standiford said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so totally biased and mixed up! You mention debate, then condemn everyone that does not agree with you. Your use of words like hatred and other extreme terms only applies to those disagreeing with you. Calm down and re-read your own posts. You are becoming extreme and can't see it.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Anonymous, if don't hear the hatred coming from these blowhards, you are, very obviously, one of their pathetic followers.