Friday, April 17, 2009

What a Difference One Hundred Fifty Years Makes

The Republican Party, born in the midst of talk of secession, sectional rivalries, slavery, and war, has turned one hundred eighty degrees from its founding fathers' outlook. Abraham Lincoln is probably turning in his grave today, with his party holding a death grip on his old rival, the South. One state of the old Confederacy has its governor talking secession, while the other southern state Republican parties cater to the racist, anti-United States base.
Lincoln strove to preserve the Union and fought a terrible war to achieve that end.

Today's party appears ready to strike the match of revolt in an effort to tear the Union apart once again. It is a party of intolerance and religious fundamentalism that would rival the Taliban should it ever achieve the totalitarian power that it appears to desire. Daily it seems less inclined to accept the American Constitutional government, appealing elections, filing lawsuits over voting, and increasing the negative rhetoric about voter fraud in many instances of Republican losses.

The Democratic Party of 1860 was the Republican Party of today. It was willing to sacrifice its young men, ultimately, to preserve a "peculiar institution" that threatened to destroy its very being. Yes, there were the states rights issues and the northern industrialist's desire to hold the south in servitude. At the root of it all was the south's determination to hold on to the slavery induced agricultural base that brought wealth and power to southern planters.

Southern Democrats of that day were like the modern day Republican Party, intolerant of African Americans with a belief system steeped in fundamentalist Christianity. As today's Republicans lift passages from the Bible to support their ant-Gay, anti-Abortion stances, the Democrats of 1860 found those that supported their desire to enslave their fellowman.

Today, the Democratic party is inclusive of African-Americans, gays, pro-choice, Christian and non-Christian. It caries on its books of membership, a wide range of beliefs from center-right to far left. It doesn't have all of the answers and it has taken some stances that are repulsive to many. Yet, for me at this time it more closely represents my views than anything else offered to me. Libertarianism comes close, but I can't accept all of it. Should the Democratic Party fail, as the Republican Party has, the Libertarian Party stands ready to fill the void. Many Democrats and Republicans could probably easily make the transition.

As a fellow blogger, Michael Westmoreland-White has said, there are other parties than stand ready to take on Republicans and Democrats. We may see a major change in this country's political structure in the next eight to ten years, as presidents form coalition governments that are more inclusive and less partisan in their make-up. For political junkies it will be interesting to watch. For those steeped in the partisan rhetoric of Democrat/Republican rivalries, frustration might be a better word.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

They Lock You in For "God Bless America" in Yankee Stadium?

A NY Yankees fan has filed suit because he was, he claims, arrested for leaving his seat during the playing of "God Bless America." I will not debate whether that was why he was arrested, although I do not doubt it. However, I will take issue over the fact that this incident has revealed that the Yankees block the aisles while this song is being played. No one is allowed to leave their seat.

Excuse me, but this sounds more like the Taliban than the United States of America. Will the police in Yankee Stadium begin to arrest fans if they don't remove their hat during the national anthem? What about bowing their heads if there is a prayer in the stadium? In some fundamentalist Muslim countries such actions could bring quick execution. But...the United States?

I am simply astounded to find that the police block the exits during the playing of "God Bless America." Even worse, I have seen several forums where the "America, love it or leave it" thing is being thrown about over this, and the lawsuit is called "frivolous." It is amazing how little so many of us value our civil rights and our Constitution. The next thing you know the Governor of Texas will be talking about seceding from the Union, and people will be cheering for him.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

GA Follows Texas and Secedes From the Union!!!

It's a great day in the neighborhood!!! We are no longer a part of Big Bad Obama's Socialist USA!!! I knew this would happen. No more IRS! No more federal taxes to pay. Just our little ole Georgia income and gas taxes. I can't wait until next April 15th. I can't wait for my next retirement check. No Federal taxes, no FICA. I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm rich!!!

What do you mean the mail didn't run? Where is my retirement check? If that lazy government employee is playing sick again....oh, I forgot that's a federal thing. No matter, Gov. Sonny will take care of that.

Goin' to Atlanta tomorrow. They are supposed to have paved the road across the mountain. It sure was getting rough. Huh? Where is the paving equipment. Federal highway funds? Oh, no matter Gov. Sonny will take care of that too.

Phone for me? Ok. Hey son, did you get that job at Ft. Stewart? We sure are lucky to have all of the military bases in our state that we have. How many are there now? Let's see. Ft Stewart, Ft. Benning, Moody AF Base, Hunter Army Air-Force Base, Ft. Gordon, that's where they make those prothethics, Ft. Mc... and there are others. I can't list them all. Those cushy federal jobs pay good money. I know you'll like working there. What? They've closed Ft. Stewart? All of them? They can't do that! Oh...I guess they moved them. What about all those poor people who lost jobs? No problem, Sonny will find jobs for them. We'll just have to enlarge the National Guard.

Has the Coast Guard found your missing friend? They haven't looked? Why not? Oh yeah, that secession thing again. No matter. We'll start our own. And that other friend that is going to work at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswick. Has he....oops, that ugly "federal" word again. Well, we'll just enlarge the State Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth. Gov. Sonny can do that.

It is great that we have such a fine school system in our county. Sure brings a lot of good folks in. And our hospital. One of the best. Huh? Cutbacks? The federal funds dried up? Well, the state will just have to take care of that. We have to have health care and schools.

What's that I see across the street? That looks like a burglar. Quick, call 911! Why don't they answer? I'm gonna give them a piece of my mind. Answering machine? What's that message again? Due to lack of funding the 911 center has been closed? The very idea!

I heard on the news this morning that the Mexican drug lords have moved into Texas. Well where was the Border Patrol? They should move the US Army down there and clean up that mess. That wimp, Obama, can't do anything right. Come to think of it, the Mexicans have been pouring into Georgia lately. I'm going to give Sen Chambliss a piece of my mind. He needs to get in there and force those cowardly Washington Democrats into taking control of our borders. What do you mean they moved the border. It's Tennessee now? They've closed our border with Tennessee? That's the US border? What are we going to do with these Mexicans?

Great! My check is here. I can't wait to see my new money. Yep, no federal, no FICA. What? State taxes are $5,000? They can't do that! I only got $500 this month! What am I going to do? How will I feed my family? I guess I'd better take this little bit to the bank. Why is the bank locked? The stimulous money wasn't available anymore? No matter, the FDIC will cover my account. I want my Obama back! Please, somebody help me!!! I sure hope this is a dream. I am going to wake up...aren't I? Ruh, Ro! HEEEELLLLPPPP!

Tea Parties - False Grass Roots Organization

For those of you who have been duped into believing that the "tea parties" are grass roots efforts and not anti-Obama, you might want to go to this link.

I have friends who are attending one because they say, "we can't stand Obama."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ARRGH!!! Barbary Pirates, 21st Century Style

"From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli." We have heard it all our lives, but how many times have we thought about the words? The U.S. Marine Corps got its start fighting the Barbary Pirates along the southern Mediterranean coast, i.e. Tripoli. Now we have a similarly dangerous situation along the coast of Somalia with the pirates, who are raiding the world's shipping in that part of the Indian Ocean.

The recent hijacking of a container ship sailing under the U.S. flag brought this country directly into the conflict. This issue reared its ugly head some time ago, but there is still no organized effort to bring these pirates under control. Somalia is in a state of anarchy and has been in that condition for at least ten years, so there is no government there to control them. It will be up to a coalition of forces to bring these outlaws to their knees. There should be no unilateral action by this country or any country.

It is a mystery to me as to why ships are still sailing that area unarmed. It has been well known for some time that they are totally helpless when attacked by only three or four well armed men. Why aren't the shipping companies taking action to protect their ships? Throughout the world there are mercenary companies with well equipped private soldiers open for business. All the shipping companies have to do is contract with one of these "private security companies" to provide a small contingent of private marines for each ship traveling in the area.

This country has several of these so-called private security companies. Blackwater, the infamous U.S. Defense Department contractor in Iraq should have people available to U.S. shipping. It might be expensive, but not nearly as much as having a ship and crew held hostage for weeks with a high valued cargo. The killers-for-hire should love to take on a few Somali pirates. They could easily quench their thirst for killing and do a really valuable service at the same time.

I would bet that once these killers took the pirates on a few times and piracy became a bit more difficult, shipping in the western Indian Ocean might become safer rather quickly. As long as three or four teenagers can take a ship, they will continue to do so, but once they become shark food, others may think twice about the "easy" money.

If the shipping companies do not try to help themselves, they will continue to lose. Then the governments of the world are going to have to get together and take down the pirates with a major show of force as was done during the Barbary Wars in the early 19th Century. It will take almost complete destruction of the pirates' ability to fight, since there is no Somalian government to keep them under control. Maybe the U.S. Marines will be able to add yet another line to their hymn 200 years later.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Tea Parties

This week the so-called tea parties will rear their ugly heads across the country. Led by the right wing fanatics who are totally absorbed with trying to find a way to bring the country down, they are nothing more than another slap at a president that they haven't been able to accept. I hope I never hear another word about how Al Gore and the Democrats were sore losers in 2000.

The Republicans are trying to say that this "movement" is a grass roots one, not a right-wing conspiracy, but the fact that FOX News is promoting it, Sean Hannity is taking his "show" on the road with it, and Republican billionaires are funding it kind of gives it all away. The rich Republicans are so afraid their taxes will go up, and they will have to pay their fair share, they are shaking in their boots. For the past eight years they have had a free ride.

Then there are the other wackos. The following video pretty much says it all:

When you start the book burning talk and the "communist" (I thought communist was out of vogue) accusations, it kind of gives it all away. Then there is, of course, the obligatory "Obama is not a citizen" crap. It is all an anti-Obama, he's black and we can't have that, tirade. No one knows what will happen in the future, tax-wise. What we do know is that we will get a tax break soon. We also know that the high deficits began with Republicans rubber-stamping the Bush Regime's out of control spending.

They will show themselves this week. A few will make big bucks off it, and we will again see the Republicans at their worst, ranting and raving about Obama and how we need to "pray" for his failure. The netherworld pundits will stir the pot and rally the faithful base to continue to help bring the country down in their never ending anti-American tirades. Glen Beck will pretend to cry.(By the way. Have you heard that Glen Beck is going on a comedy tour? I have said all along that these nutcases are comedians and that we should be laughing at them. I think that I have been exonerated.) Rush will sweat and his fat will jiggle as he urges his poor sheep into the fold. What a spectacle it will be!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

You Can't Legislate an End to the Divorce Rate

While looking for breaking news, regarding the missing relative of our friends, I ran across a news item from Florida. It seems that a Republican state legislator in that state has introduced a pre-marital education bill. In short the bill would require a pre-marriage, marriage course or a marriage license would cost more. You have got to be kidding me.

In past years in my state Republicans have introduced legislation that would have required counseling before a divorce could be considered. A law to make a couple go to counseling before applying for a divorce? Right. The party of less government and less intrusion into citizens' business wants to pass laws to try to keep people from getting a divorce.

Unfortunately, there are millions, who for one reason or the other, should not have gotten married in the first place. I think that there are many couples, who take the easy way out, rather than settle their issues. For others, it is necessary because one spouse has decided to cheat on the other or is an abuser. I do not understand the cheating thing. Get married and work at it, or get a divorce, if you want someone else. Whatever the case, passing silly laws to try to legislate around the high divorce rate is a waste of time and taxpayer money, not to mention government intrusion into private business.