Saturday, February 28, 2009

What Are Churches For, Anyway?

Last night the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams presented its usual Friday night segment of "Making A Difference." I want you, dear readers, to know that I was appalled. They reported on this "church" in Chicago that is making a difference, at least in the minds of the producers.

Can you believe this? These people go to church in a rented public school auditorium. The pastor doesn't have an office or a staff. The musicians practice in someones home, rather than at a church. This "church" doesn't even have a gymnasium. The poor people, who attend it have to use public facilities, I suppose. The report didn't say, but I expect that the people who attend are not really "members." That would mean that the "church" has no bylaws and, God forbid, how could they discipline members, who step out of line. Why I'll bet there is not even a church doctrine that members must follow.

So...why do these people torture themselves like this you ask? If you can bring yourself to believe it, they do it to help those less fortunate. Most of the money received goes for such things as paying for someones brain surgery, or to assist a young single mom whose daughter has cerebral palsy. They gave her $11,000.

Now I ask you, couldn't that money have been used for something better? What about the PAC's which have to exist some way? What about fighting gay marriage? Why that money could have been put to good use in the recent election to defeat the devil Obama. At the rate that they take in money they could build a nice multi-million dollar structure, complete with gym and spa, a diamond vision screen, so they can see the pastor and the other performers, and a state of the art sound system. What a waste!

The scary part of this whole episode is that other people probably saw this on the news, and they might be influenced by it. This could do irreparable damage to churches as we know them. What if too many people are taken in by this ruse? Millions will be lost as people in need are given assistance. How will the politicians exist, if their Christian base becomes benevolent toward those in need, instead of political causes? It could be a dark future for many in the business of running churches. Frankly, I don't think the world is ready for it, but what about God? Oh no! I forgot about Him! He just might bless this kind of thing. you think He might?

Watch this, if you dare, but beware, you might have some kind of good feeling afterward:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Racist Attitude Toward the President Continues to Surface

The Mayor of Los Alamitos, California continues the growing trend of open racially motivated hostility toward the President. This article does not point out the Mayor's political party, but it could be either. The Mayor's feeble explanation for his action fell completely flat. If he did not know the meaning of the picture, why did he pass it on? The answer, of course, is that he knew very well what he was doing. The only mistake he made was not checking his addresses before he clicked send.

These incidents will continue throughout President Obama's time in the White House. I wonder how many more politicians will try to explain or "apologize" for their actions, knowing full well the public can see straight through them. The good thing about their ignorance is that we will become aware of their true feelings as we have of Los Alamitos' Mayor.

Republicans Still Like Earmarks

An article on McClatchy chronicles the Republican earmarks in the new budget. It seems that they can not give them up. Democrats, of course, have made few rants against this pork spending, so they have more than their share. The Congress has feigned outrage at the banking community for its openly wasteful spending of the stimulus money, yet it can not give up its Christmas presents for the folks back home. Like the banks, it appears Congress does not get "it" either.

President Obama has said that he will use his line item veto to remove wasteful spending. Last night in his speech he talked a great deal about responsibility in spending. Time will tell if he lives up to his word, but I tend to think that he will. John McCain, reverting back to the old McCain, has called for the President to use his veto. That is the only way that Congress will get the message that it, too, must show responsibility and set the example.