Thursday, July 8, 2010

More About Idiots

After having read the comments from UGA "fans" regarding Damon Evans' fall from grace, I found myself gagging from some of the remarks. There were so many who wanted everyone to pray for him and give him a chance to have time with his family to repair the damage, etc. I see this a lot when people such as John Edwards, possibly Al Gore, Mark Sanford, GA Pol, Glenn Richardson, Tiger Woods, a host of preachers and so many others make a royal mess of their lives.

Such people are adults. Most are very successful. They know the consequences of their actions. Why should I feel sympathy for them? Damon Evans knew what would happen if he got caught red handed. At least he did not try to make a silk purse out of a sows ear, and he did not cry and ask for forgiveness, saying that God had forgiven him. He and only he will be responsible for his actions and will have to answer to his family and friends. He has already paid a high price as he was disgracefully removed from his job.

Why do they do it? Just like everyone who gets themselves into such a position, they do not think about the consequences. For some, especially celebs, pols, and preachers, it is simply a power thing. They use their position, fame, and money to accomplish their dirty deeds and, if they have an entourage, they expect loyalty. Their hangers on are often the enablers, maintaining a web of secrecy surrounding their boss. After all, that is where their bread is buttered, and it gives them a sense of power over their boss as well.

No, I have no sympathy for these folks. I will not pray for them. I personally do not care one way or the other what happens to them. They made their bed. Let them figure it out.

Monday, July 5, 2010

College Sports Fanatics

I have never really understood anyone who is fanatic about anything, but college sports fanatics really stump me. Living in the state of Georgia, one has to put up with UGA sports fans and their constant whining. It all began with the one national college football championship, which the school won on the back of Hershel Walker, the phenom running back. Since that time, it seems, Bulldog fans have decided that they are supposed to win every year. If they do not, the whining begins.

This past week the UGA athletic director, Damon Evans, was arrested for DUI. To compound that there was an unruly passenger, who couldn't keep her mouth shut and was arrested for being drunk and disorderly. The problem here? She wasn't his wife and the trooper who made the arrest reported that her panties were in Evans' lap. They were red, incidentally, the UGA color. I don't know if they were the UGA brand.

This was simply another incident in a long line of criminal activities that that have frequented the UGA athletic program over the past few years. Some say it is simply a tradition that followed football coach, Marc Richt, from Florida State. I think it is a sign of the times, especially, when there is little oversight and positive influence from the athletic department.

All across the country there are supporters of college athletic programs who almost take these kinds of things personally and get angry and upset. Many of these people are not even alumni of the college. I have never been able to understand them. I followed UGA football for many years, but tired of the constant whining and the boorishness of many of the other supporters. I never wore red, had stickers all over my car, or shouted "woof, woof" at the top of my lungs.

I graduated from a small college that has had a strong football program for many years, now. I hardly noticed, other than to make a point to watch a championship game or two on TV. I watch college sports and I pull for various teams, but I don't buy their wares, and I can't tell you a short time later which one won the game. I guess I'm just not a fanatic about it. It will be interesting to watch the process of choosing a replacement for Damon Evans. I'm sure a portion of the "Bulldog Nation" will be displeased, but in the end the choice will become the best there is in the country. That's the way it is at UGA. Theirs is always the best.