Monday, November 30, 2009

Why All the Hoopla Over Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods has never pretended to be anything beyond a great professional golfer. He may end up being the greatest of his time, maybe of all time. He has not pretended to be a perfect Christian. He has never set himself up as a role model. He has managed his finances, and stayed out of trouble. He has in fact been very private about his life. He plays a golf tournament and goes home, or wherever.

Last week something happened at his home. He ran his vehicle into a tree and a fire hydrant. Suddenly, everyone wants a piece of him. He did not talk to police. He was not required by law to talk to the police. His accident took place on private property. He was the only one injured, so what is the problem?

I, frankly, do not care about Tiger Woods' private life. It is his to live and work out. If he has problems, we, the public do not need to know the details. There do not need to be helicopters surrounding his house and cameras waiting at the entrance to his subdivision or whatever they call developments where the ultra rich live.

If Tiger cheated on his wife, he has not portrayed himself to be perfect and above a bit of sinning. In other words, he is not Sarah Palin or Mark Sanford. What he does has no effect on my life and the lives of the rest of the American public. We do not vote for him. He does not spend our tax money and vote on issues that affect our lives. Leave him alone and let he and his wife work out whatever has affected them, if, indeed, anything has affected them. It is none of our business.