Friday, November 27, 2009

Jim Bakker is Baaaak...

You remember him. He and Tammy Faye of the tears and streaked makeup, hawking "partnerships" in their "club" at their "Christian" amusement park in South Carolina. They had their own TV network, The PTL Network. There there was the air conditioned doghouse for their dog, and expensive clothes and travel and the usual televangelist excesses for Jim and Tammy. They took millions from thousands.

Then it all fell apart when it was found that Jim had a girlfriend besides Tammy Faye and had stolen millions from his organization. Jim served time in Federal prison, his last years only about 30 miles inland from the coastal island where we lived at the time. Sadly, Tammy Faye was taken by cancer only a few years ago. She had remarried, as has Jim.

But Jim still lives and has not lost his con artist style. I caught him as I was channel surfing this morning. He was dressed in a red blazer and sweater, with a necklace around his neck. There he was surrounded by his smiling admirers, who were leaning on his every word. Today he was hawking cheap jewelry in return for a "love gift." For a "gift" of $200 you could get a heart shaped cubic zirconium studded locket with, as Jim put it, Jesus inside.

Bakker is now based at the mecca for some aging boomers, Branson, Mo. Just the place to rake in the bucks. Reach them through The Jim Bakker Show at Morningside Church, then lure them in to catch the show, when they come to Branson to see their aged idols, still trying to make a buck on stage. He will also sell you some "survival food." Presumably, this is to get you through the coming Obama apocalypse. The is also news of the "end times." and another club to join.

Membership in the David's Army Builder's Club will bring you some CD's and messages from "Pastor" Jim, a sterling silver "plated" cross, your name in the "Hall of Faith," reserved seating at special events, and the annual banquet with Jim and Lori. Sound familiar? This is a perfect example of how prison time does not rehabilitate. Apparently, Jim spent his time planning his next con, with poor, gullible believers as his mark. You go Jim. If they give you all their hard earned money, you deserve it. After all, it isn't as if they weren't warned.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sarah Palin's "Pregnancy"

An interesting and very logical story, chronicling Palin's supposed pregnancy with her last child. It is written by a writer from The Atlantic, Andrew Sullivan. Since the American press would never have the guts to publish it, he went to England. Read it here.

If she did not have the child, whose child is it?