Friday, August 8, 2008

John Edward's is Ashamed

All I can say is, Mr. Edwards, you should be ashamed. You are no better than Newt Gingrich, who served divorce papers on his wife while she was in the hospital. You are no better than the great John McCain, who divorced a sick wife, who had stood by him when he was in a POW camp, in favor of a young, rich, trophy wife. Nuff said.

The New Timetable Fairy Tale

Iraqi officials are saying that they are close to an agreement to remove US combat troops by 2010. According to McCain and Bush that would be a strategy to "lose" the "war." This, of course, is the same "timetable" that they have ridiculed Obama for advocating. Bush so badly wants to get his illegal treaty to maintain bases in Iraq, that he will agree to this "timetable." How, then, will Bush and his best buddy, McCain, turn on the typical Republican double speak spin to make it positive?

Once upon a time...

The "surge" has worked. Iraq is now at peace, their army and police force are viable, and NOW we can talk about a timetable. Obama's strategy is bad, because he was advocating it BEFORE we knew that the surge was completely successful.

The "war" in Iraq is over and won. We can celebrate victory and look forward to bringing our people home soon. A "Mission Accomplished" banner will be erected in front of the White House as proof of this victory. Iraqi oil is flowing freely, and they will begin repaying us the money we have spent "freeing" them from Saadam Hussein.

God bless America and vote for John McCain.

...and they lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Retiring Early, Unpatriotic?

Well, now I've heard everything. An article appeared today on stating the following:

Want to do something truly patriotic to help preserve the American way of life? Don't retire. At least not yet. That's the advice of Andrew Yarrow, a vice president of the nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization Public Agenda and the director of its Washington, D.C., office. Yarrow urges the nation's 78 million baby boomers to forgo traditional or early retirement and work for a few more years, for their own sake and the good of the country.

The article goes on to say:

If boomers all turn in their keys at age 55, 62 or 65 and head for the Tuscan hills, that great sucking sound you'll hear is untold amounts of taxpayer dollars being leached from the economy. That is money heirs will have to replace or do without.

Finally, Yarrow is quoted as saying that early retirement is, "profoundly selfish and unpatriotic."

Sorry Dr. Yarrow. I have one heir, and he will begin work in a year or two making more money than I made at retirement. He will able to fend for himself and the way things are going, he will pay his share of taxes. I retired at age 55, and at this juncture, I do not intend to go back to work. and I don't feel the least bit "profoundly selfish and unpatriotic."

I did my time in the workplace, and I sacrificed many long hours over the course of 30 plus years. In case Dr. Yarrow doesn't know it, I still pay taxes in large amounts, so the sucking sound I hear is money still being "leached" from my back pocket. I don't quite understand his logic. I guess he is under the mistaken impression that we, the early retired, do not pay taxes or that our taxes are lower for some reason.

Tell that to the IRS, Dr. Yarrow.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Real Axis of Evil? (Update)

In light of the news this week of the "suicide" of the "latest" suspect in the long anthrax scare investigation this article,

makes one wonder just who the real "Axis of Evil" really is. Who were ABC News' informers? People from Rove's White House or Cheney's office? Most assuredly. Did the President know about it? More than likely. Is the case now closed? It appears so. If Ivins was the one who distributed the anthrax, what was his motivation and how and why did he die? Did he die to close the case before the Bush Regime ends? Was he purposely driven to suicide because his psychiatric profile indicated such was possible? Finally, was he a covert operative of the real "Axis of Evil" who was willing to lay down his life for Bush in order to justify an invasion of Iraq? Monica Goodling indicates that Bush is a great inspiration to some poor unenlightened people. Maybe there are those, who would willingly die for him.

A conspiracy theory of course, and I hate it when people come up with them, but given the track record of a regime that has used the US Constitution as a doormat, one has to really sit back and wonder. If the anthrax had taken out a few critics of the President and his projected war in Iraq, then the results would have been even better for the Regime.

Update 1 - I refer you to the following article.

This case isn't closed by any means. There is something going on. It may not be, and probably isn't, the "conspiracy" I outlined above, but there are still a lot of questions to be answered. The Bush Regime's involvement in all of this anthrax business as yet another excuse to invade Iraq is at the top of the anwers to be found. There's definitely something rotten here...rotten to the core, as is usually the case with this "Axis of Evil" triumvirate of Bush, Cheney, and Rove.

Then there is this article,

A lot of people, including myself, have felt that the real "Axis of Evil" has advocated starting a war with Iran, now that Iraq is quieting down, and given the real "AOE's " lack of interest in Afghanistan. After all what do a few more American lives mean, if the "AOE" can start another war and disrupt or gain control of Iranian oil?