Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Turning Back the Clock

As I write this we are seeing the clock turned backward in this country. Only two years after the Republicans were turned out because of the horror of eight years of their leadership, they are being elected right and left. Simply amazing. They got this country into the mess that it is in with eight years of typical Republican fiscal and social irresponsibility, and voters actually vote them back into a leadership role.

In my home county and state party means more than integrity. Locally, we had a good man running for the state house. His opponent, the incumbent Republican, is incorrigibly corrupt, and he is also a very dirty politician. It looks as if the incumbent will win. The same goes for the governor and lieutenant governor. Both the Republicans are known to be corrupt, but they will win the election.

It is a sad day to see our country turn the clock back and turn the U.S. House, at least, over to a group of people, who have openly touted their racism toward African Americans, Latinos, Gays and Muslims. These same people want to tear down the wall of separation of church and state and are bent upon widening the gap between the rich and poor by destroying the middle class. I just heard a former Bush official talking about raising the retirement age and ending retirement pensions, both of which will surely hasten the destruction of the middle class.

The next two years will be standstill years in our government. The Republicans will see that no appointment made by the President will be approved. They intend to bring the government to a standstill, maybe even destroy it. Who knows where we will be in two years? I thought two years ago that the Republicans were on their way out. However, it only took two years of racist rants, talk of revolution, and spreading fear through its mouthpieces on FOX Noise to bring them back to the forefront. It does not bode well for this country.