Friday, November 11, 2011

Heman Cain's Wedgies

As the GOP road show for the presidential nomination continues to unfold I have tried to analyze Herman Cain's support, which continues to remain strong regardless of the gaffes, the scandals, and the lack of real substance. What is it about this man that demands such support from a segment of the voting public? His supporters appear to be primarily those who attach themselves to the so-called tea party group. Yet, this group has generally shown itself to be quite racist and not one that would easily support an African American. So why would those of this ilk be so supportive?

A few days ago I was involved in a debate thread on a friend's Facebook page, concerning Cain. A self proclaimed tea bagger and Cain supporter suddenly lifted a comment out of context and went on a rant about the writer's anti-semitism. The other commenters, like myself, were astounded because the rant was totally off topic and seemingly made no sense. The writer stated that he was a dues paying member of two or three pro-Jewish/Israel organizations, although a Christian himself. He tried to equate the Occupy Movement with Naziism. He went on to say that most tea bagger supporters of Cain are also very pro-Israeli.

Since several of the writer's comments about Cain had been quite racist, although he defended Cain at the same time, I had been confused. Why would such a person support an African American candidate so ardently? Once he went off about anti-semitism the clouds began to clear. Cain has been very outspoken about his extremist anti-Muslim feelings. In recent years, extremist Christians have gravitated toward support for Israel as they have perceived a Muslim threat toward Christianity. As recently as 60 years ago, right wing Christan's would have quietly nodded approval of the bombing of Jewish temples. Today support for Israel is a part of their vehement anti-Muslim hatred.

Hatred of Muslims easily trumps the Cain negatives. Sexual harassment, a lack of knowledge of economics, world politics and U.S. History, even his moderate statements on abortion, and the fact that Cain is an African American pale in comparison to the threat that Islam poses to this country in their minds. Tea Party pols throughout the country have proposed anti Sharia legislation in their state legislatures as they continue to fight that windmill. Although he has retreated a bit from his harsh anti-Muslim statements, Cain continues to be the only Republican candidate, who has spoken to the hearts of those who would rid the country of all things Muslim. In the fog of their hatred of Islam they would like nothing better than to have their man, regardless of his race or his lack of substance, in the White House with his hand on the button that could vanquish Islam with the stroke of a pen.