Saturday, November 20, 2010

Love Abortion?

My most recent post was about voters and how they are led like sheep to vote against their own best interests. There were several comments, one of which stumped me, because it had no relation to the post. This isn't unusual because I have found that reading comprehension is a major issue out there. However, this one had me shaking my head.

One of my blogging friends, Rainlillie, commented that Teapublicans maintain issues to keep voters roped into voting for them. The issue she used as an example was Roe vs. Wade. She indicated that if Teapublicans ever allow the repeal of that decision, they will lose a major wedge issue that keeps their platform alive for that segment of their voting population. I responded to that with an amen.

Then an anonymous reader responds with, "Why are you in love with Roe v Wade? Do you hate babies? Murder, pure and simple. I hate it!" Obviously, this person did not read the post, which had nothing to do with Roe vs. Wade, and did not even mention it. When I questioned the comment, the reader responded with, " I think you removed something from your post so that you can deny it." Of course I did not edit the post. The fact that the reader did not read the post in the first place became very evident with the second comment.

Emotions override common sense and make people take things for granted without checking the facts. This is so often the case in politics. TV viewers watch Glen Beck and take everything he says as gospel. Their emotions are so provoked that they often commit acts of violence. Others read an anonymous email that really makes no sense, but they are incensed and pass it on because it confirms their fears. It makes for great fun at their expense, but it is also very sad that they are so easily manipulated.

Love Abortion? Who does? I don't know a soul that "loves" abortion, but this anonymous commenter apparently has been lead like a lamb to slaughter to believe that there are those who do. It's all about emotion over common sense.