Sunday, June 6, 2010

GOP Wants to Have its Cake and Eat it Too...

Republicans are itching to blame the President for the Gulf oil spill and the government's response to it. Mississippi Governor, Barbour and Louisiana Governor, Jindal, continue to yell drill, baby drill and to minimize the effects of the oil on their coasts. Barbour characterized the news coverage of the spill as negative and stated that the spill has had little impact on the coastline. He also criticized the President for placing a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf. Other GOP lawmakers have criticized the President for the moratorium and continue to call for open season on the Gulf and other pristine areas of the continent.

But, wait a minute. There's no disaster here. No oil washing up on the coastline. No birds and sea life affected. Yet, this is what Barbour said when asked his opinion of the President's actions: "The American people are making up their minds pretty clearly about what they think of the administration's performance in this disaster, and I'll let it stand at that. You know, Napoleon said never interfere with the enemy while he's in the process of destroying himself."

Leave it to the GOP to talk out of both sides of its mouth. It is imperative that Republicans oppose the President, so big oil will continue to throw millions in their direction. On the other hand, acknowledging that there is a disaster by blaming it on the President endangers the future of drilling along the coastline. It sounds as if the Republicans are between a disaster and a hard place. What else is new?