Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Georgia's Big Brothers

I never had a big brother, just a big sister. She is nine years older than me, so she helped to care for me when I was a baby. As I grew older she looked out for me for a while, but soon tired of having me around ratting on her. She was great and didn't tell me how to live my life or hover over me.

Now I have two big brothers, Gov Sonny Perdue and Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson. Neither of these two gentlemen have stellar reputations as politicians. Both have pulled shady deals with their power. Gov Perdue's friend got a late night bill passed to give the Gov a tax break on a piece of out of state property and the Gov profited from a pristine piece of property in his home town that the State "passed up." Mr. Richardson recently pulled off a secret divorce that broke most of the legal rules governing the divorce process. This coming after his affair with a lobbyist and his party's passage of divorce laws requiring waiting periods and such. He somehow got around all of those archaic rules. Both of these gentlemen are good Christian, god fearing men. I know that because they told me so.

Gov Perdue continues to decide what is good for the citizens of Georgia, so we don't have to bother with voting on issues. He supposedly doesn't drink, so he has decided that we can't vote on buying alcohol on Sunday. Of course he and his buddies will allow a new arena in Gwinnett County to sell on Sunday. Hypocrites? Of course not!

Mr. Richardson has decided that he doesn't have enough power, so he will simply usurp some local power. How will he do that? Easy, just take away one of local government's largest sources of money, the automobile tax. Then local governments will have to come crawling to him, begging for money. He says that local governments have gotten too extravagant. Yes, indeed, law enforcement, EMS, roads, water, sewer, hospitals, schools, etc. aren't expensive and getting more so every day. If local governments need more money, all they have to do is ask the state for it. If they behave themselves and are the right party, they will get all they need. Right.

I'm so glad that the Republican Party stands for less government and less intrusion into the private lives of the citizens.