Friday, September 5, 2008

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Tom Ridge's Freudian slip says it all. McCain spent a big part of his speech last night trying to distance himself from the Bush Regime, but, given his record and his current campaign, he failed miserably. He is completely intertwined with Bush, voting with him, supporting his invasion, and receiving hugs and kisses from him.

The issue is not Sarah Palin and her outward good looks and folksy ways. It's not McCain's attempt to turn Obama's "change" theme to his own as an "outsider" and "maverick." It is the fact that McCain is a clone of Bush, who would continue the archaic agenda of the Bush Regime, with a Cheney-like Palin at his side. Palin, convinced as are most fundamentalists, that God is only on her side and everything she does is God's will, would be worse than Cheney has ever been.

No, John (Bush) McCain, you are not change. You are a continuation of Bush's failed policies, his unnecessary war, and his continual trouncing of the Constitution. You and your "cute" VP are not the answer to this country's problems. You are simply seed for taking this country farther away from the values the founding fathers tried to put in place for us, and which the Bush Regime with your help, has tried to destroy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Read an article about Sarah Palin from someone who has followed her political "career." This woman is both scary and kooky. She could make Cheney seem small time:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Hallelujah, We Shall Rise."

The Republicans have managed to shoot themselves in the foot once again. Fortunately, I guess, for them, they never seem to limp afterward. I guess it is because so many of the faithful are such hypocrites. They rant, rave, and rail about morality, then throw it all to the wind when one of their own fails to live up.

Gov. Palin's current revelation is a case in point. Apparently, the McCain campaign never "vetted" the good Governor. According to leading Alaskans, Democrat, Republican, or otherwise, no one discussed the Governor with any of them. This all grew out of a necessity. Sources in the know point out that McCain wanted either Liberman or Ridge, both pro-choice proponents. This wouldn't do with the Republican faithful, so a "pro-family, anti-sex education/pro-abstinence only" candidate was chosen. Even as I write this, the McCain campaign is in Alaska, "vetting" their candidate.

Suddenly, out of the blue, the Governor announced that her 17 year old unmarried daughter is pregnant. Palin is so proud of her daughter for "deciding to have the baby" and to marry the father. I guess so. If the child's mother is so anti-abortion that she would force her daughter to have the child of a rapist, I doubt that there would be any choice in the matter. As for the father, I wonder how long the shotgun was held to his head before he said yes.

Now the "pro-family" (defined as mothers should be seen, not heard, and always at home with their children, not out doing non-mother-like things such as being VP.) Republican faithful, including the fundamentalist pastors, who usually rail against unwed mothers and mothers working outside the home, are surrounding the Gov. with "love." Of course it is perfectly normal for this to happen to one of their own, and they are completely OK with it.

Apparently, the Gov. also has a few other skeletons in her closet of which the faithful weren't aware, blinded as they were by her extremist, anti-abortion views. She has a case pending over the possible unlawful dismissal of an Alaskan state trooper. Then there is the case of the "other" baby. It seems that no one, even some close to her at work, knew that she was pregnant a few months back. This after her having four children. Suddenly, she announced that she had a baby. The baby may well we hers, but now, given, the latest bombshell, one has to wonder. Finally, there is her husband who has been registered as a member of the American Independence Party, an extremist group which, among other things, advocates the return of all Alaskan federal land back to the state.

Will all of these questions affect Palin's nomination? Of course not. The old double standard will apply. It is OK if it happens to you, but not if it happens to someone else. Then there is the case of the "American Way." Presently, unmarried mothers are more the norm than not. So many Americans have accepted this phenomenon as a way of life, that they would vote for the Gov., simply because she is now one of them. Certainly her extremist views are so acceptable to the fundamentalist faithful, that they will easily overlook any "minor" shortcomings. In short, they have their candidate now. God is in his heaven, and all is right with the world. To quote a popular gospel song, "Hallelujah, we shall rise."

Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav: Fodder for the Convention

Wow! The Republicans couldn't have asked for something better. A hurricane bearing down on the Gulf Coast and a chance to profit from voter suffering. Bush cancels his appearance at the convention to be "in charge" during the storm. McCain will use the suffering and destruction as a back drop for his acceptance speech. The wives will speak from the convention to talk about helping the storm victims. A storm made in Heaven just for the Republicans.

What more can I say? The good thing about this is that the folks in that area will receive the help they deserve this time around. It's a shame there wasn't a convention and potential votes to be tallied, when Katrina rolled around and sad that the Republicans will attempt to use this one for political gain. Let's hope the voters see through the smoke screen.