Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav: Fodder for the Convention

Wow! The Republicans couldn't have asked for something better. A hurricane bearing down on the Gulf Coast and a chance to profit from voter suffering. Bush cancels his appearance at the convention to be "in charge" during the storm. McCain will use the suffering and destruction as a back drop for his acceptance speech. The wives will speak from the convention to talk about helping the storm victims. A storm made in Heaven just for the Republicans.

What more can I say? The good thing about this is that the folks in that area will receive the help they deserve this time around. It's a shame there wasn't a convention and potential votes to be tallied, when Katrina rolled around and sad that the Republicans will attempt to use this one for political gain. Let's hope the voters see through the smoke screen.

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That Baptist Ain't Right said...

I am still trying to figure out why W stayed in DC for Gustav. Does he have that little confidence in the FEMA director to handle the job?