Friday, September 5, 2008

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Tom Ridge's Freudian slip says it all. McCain spent a big part of his speech last night trying to distance himself from the Bush Regime, but, given his record and his current campaign, he failed miserably. He is completely intertwined with Bush, voting with him, supporting his invasion, and receiving hugs and kisses from him.

The issue is not Sarah Palin and her outward good looks and folksy ways. It's not McCain's attempt to turn Obama's "change" theme to his own as an "outsider" and "maverick." It is the fact that McCain is a clone of Bush, who would continue the archaic agenda of the Bush Regime, with a Cheney-like Palin at his side. Palin, convinced as are most fundamentalists, that God is only on her side and everything she does is God's will, would be worse than Cheney has ever been.

No, John (Bush) McCain, you are not change. You are a continuation of Bush's failed policies, his unnecessary war, and his continual trouncing of the Constitution. You and your "cute" VP are not the answer to this country's problems. You are simply seed for taking this country farther away from the values the founding fathers tried to put in place for us, and which the Bush Regime with your help, has tried to destroy.

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