Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Stupid Things We Do Are God's Fault?

This comment, today, on Facebook was in response to a friends post about cancer, our poor eating habits and the dangers of eating today's foods:

"... they were not all of this so called organic stuff when our grand parents and great grand parents were alive and they usually lived to be up into their late 80's to early 90's and some of them smoked everyday, so I think that the reason the world has turned the way it is is that we've turned our back on God, and that's my 2 cents "

My response was to tell this person not to blame our stupidity on God. We are the ones who lace our foods with chemicals during the growing and preservation processes. We eat foods that are made entirely of chemicals. I went on to say that our grandparents were the original organic gardeners, growing and preserving their vegetables and meat without chemicals.

I am always amused when people take the easy way out on events that they refuse to acknowledge or cannot explain. It is so easy to blame God. When a child or another innocent is killed by a drunk driver, God is blamed. Someone dies from cancer and it is God's "plan." A teenager speeds and is killed. God does it all to make the survivor's stronger and to teach them a lesson.

I'm sorry. I just do not buy it. I think blaming God is the equivalent of burying one's head in the sand. These people do not want to face reality. We make choices in our lives. Sometimes those choices are the wrong ones. We depend upon others for our well being and sometimes they fail. God does not cause earthquakes in Chile or Haiti and kill thousands of innocent people to teach lessons. If you want to believe this kind of stuff, at least have Him kill the bad people to teach a lesson. That would make the process more palatable.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pitcher John Smoltz, An Anti-American Communist/Atheist Sellout?

This comment appeared a couple of days ago in the Atlanta Journal in response to an article about the Georgia Republican Party's attempt to get former major league pitcher, John Smoltz to run to replace Rep. John Linder (R. GA). Smoltz said that no one had contacted him and that he would not be interested if he was contacted.

Another sign that Smoltz is a sellout. He sold out his country by staying with the Braves when they were owned by the anti-American Ted Turner and his now divorced wife Jane Fonda. He continued to sell out the Braves when they were owned by Time Warner and their vicous anti-American attacks against our military and President Bush in a time of war. He sold out his faith in a 1996 “700 Club” interview when he refused to denounce the atheist Turner. He sold out his country again during the Bush Administration for refusing to stand up against Ted Turner or Time Warner when Turner called Bush “Hitler” or when people in Time Warner like Jack Cafferty of CNN called for Bush’s impeachment. He sold out to his team in 2009 when he backed out a three-year contract he signed in 2007. And finally, he sold out his country by refusing to fight against the tyrants in this government that are supported by Turner and the Braves former owner, Time Warner, in turning the average American into a serf.

I hope you can live with yourself Mr. Smoltz.

The writer of this warped missive, obviously, has some issues with life as we know it. Maybe he has been kidnapped by aliens and brainwashed. Then again, maybe he has been hijacked by teapbaggers or some such group. Regardless, his best bet is to return to his den under the rock.