Thursday, October 29, 2009

Demon Cursed Candy and Child Sacrifices from CBN

Take a moment and read this trash from the Christian Broadcasting Network's blog. Better still check out my friend "This Baptist Ain't Right" for a very good analysis. What lies these morons will come up with next is totally unpredictable.

Interestingly, this post has been removed from the CBN blog. Wonder why? Unfortunately I didn't copy it. I had to wonder if the writer was high when she wrote it, had a very vivid imagination and read too much science fiction, or simply insane.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Be Careful Who You Run Over on the Way Up...

...that person may hit you hard on your way down. So go the trials and tribulations of Sarah Palin. She used her daughter's boyfriend when it was to her advantage to disclose the unplanned pregnancy. It was alright, she said, because marriage was imminent, and the kid was a good boy. He was working and would finish high school. She dressed him up and put him on display with daughter at the Republican Convention. He was welcomed into her home and exposed to her apparently dysfunctional family. Then, she cast him away as soon as the relationship turned sour and the election was lost. When he went out with the dishwater, he was accompanied by some not too nice words. Bad move.

Now Ms. Palin has resigned her governorship in favor of something she appears to She planned to make big bucks on the speaking circuit, but one one wants her. Iowa Republicans are objecting to her $100,000 speaking fee requirement for a Republican event in that state. She signed a big deal to "write" a book, and she has already received over a million dollars, but it is doubtful that the book will be a big seller. Her marriage may be on the rocks and may have been for some time. Due to her "secret" pregnancy, there are still rumors that the child born with a disability is not hers. Worst of all, that kid that she stepped upon is now starting to spill the beans about what he saw and heard in the Palin household.

Just how far Ms. Palin will go in responding to Levi Johnson's revelations remains to be seen. It will depend upon how badly he is treated in the upcoming book as to whether he continues to expose her dirty laundry. Nevertheless, she is sitting on a powder keg. She will do her best to discredit him, but my guess is that he is not making this up and his revelations will probably encourage others to do the same. After all, Ms. Palin made a lot of enemies on her way up, some of whom have most likely remained quiet, but their courage may be boosted as Palin's power continues to ebb.

Like so many others before her, Palin was a small time operator in a far flung state with a population of a medium sized city. She was able to operate in that environment as a typical political boss with little or no real management experience and little head for a complicated operation. She had no worldly knowledge beyond her little circle in a frontier-like state. Once she burst on the national scene her ignorance quickly became evident. The only thing she had working for her was her subscription to a fundamentalist Christian school of thought, at least outwardly. The fundamentalist Christian Republican base immediately embraced her with no concern for her obvious lack of in depth thinking or worldly knowledge.

Palin thought she had the world by the tail. She would walk away from her governorship and make the big bucks, then run for President in 2012. Now it appears that even Republicans have tossed her aside. Mainstream America certainly has no use for her. A poll released yesterday said that most do not believe that she is qualified to be president. The coming months will bring a heated battle between Palin and Johnson, and my guess is that we will hear much more of the Palin dirty laundry. It will accompany her continued downfall into the garbage dump of failed politicians.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why Am I Not Surprised At Scalia?

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has said he would have dissented in the 1954 Brown vs the Board of Education case, which struck down separate but equal schools. He also said that the Brown decision was one that the "majority liked better." He likened it to "creating new rights that no one thought existed." Although, he said that it was a better idea, that did not make it right.

Well Mr. Scalia, the Constitution states at its beginning that all men are created equal. Segregation meant less rights for one group, and separate schools were segregation and less education for one group. If that isn't unconstitutional, then I do not know the meaning. If I didn't know that this man was put on the bench of the US Supreme Court by a Republican majority, I would be pulling my hair out wondering what in the world he is doing in that position.

It seems as if every time we turn around, another nightmare from the Bush Administration flashes it ugly head. Scalia is definitely a serious nincompoop, who has no business being where he is. Unfortunately, he is relatively young, so we will have to put up with him for many years to come. Hopefully, the rest of the justices will be of reasonable intelligence and able to provide some balance to his seriously flawed decisions.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Health Care and the Public Option

Health Care reform has been a hot topic since the election campaign, when President Obama made it a center piece of his campaign. He promised to try to do something about it. Oddly enough, he has worked hard to keep this promise. The Republicans have worked harder to block, it for no other reason than to try to gain political points. Interestingly, I do not think they have gained anything, but I do think they have lost much prestige due to their underhanded methods and the frankness of their negative rhetoric.

The GOP openly created havoc at so-called town hall meetings around the country with their rude and loud plants causing trouble and making it appear to some that the entire country is against health care reform. Nothing, of course, is farther from the truth as the American people are straining hard to make ends meet and pay for health insurance that continues to rise in cost as coverage weakens. Last week we received a letter from our Congressman, Nathan Deal (R), one of the most corrupt members of Congress, according to one non-partisan watchdog group. Mr. Deal wrote that the entire country is against health care reform. I responded on his website and advised him that he needed to rethink that statement.

It appears that some kind of health care plan is on the immediate horizon. It also appears that there will be a public option on the table. The interesting thought that has occurred to me is whether there will be a rush to sign up, when a public option is made available. My guess is that many of those town hall shouters and gun toters will be some of the first ones in line. Oh, they will complain about "government run" health care, but they will quietly take advantage of it, just like those who cannot wait until their medicare takes affect. I think they call that talking out of both sides of the mouth.

Another interesting thought is the future of health care for those who are on 401k retirements and have no company retirement health care. Private health care insurance is outrageously high. I wonder what will happen to those folks when they retire, if there is no public health care option. Will they stick it out until age 65 or higher if the rules change? Will they have no health care between retirement and Medicare age, or will they simply have to work until age 65 in order to keep reasonably cost effective insurance.

One wonders how many of those folks who will really need a public option in the future have been among the loud mouthed nincompoops at town halls. Then there are the loud, rude, and uncouth teabaggers. I wonder how many of them are secretly hoping for a public health care option. I expect there are many closet public option folks, who are anticipating a cheaper option and will knock the closet door down, when it becomes available.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Obama Thesis Hoax and All Those Email Lies

This past week Comedian Rush Limbaugh jumped upon a report of a partial disclosure of President Obama's senior thesis at Columbia in which he is quoted as writing about the flaws of the the free market and the Constitution. Limbaugh and other right wingers jumped upon this months old story as if were were breaking news and, of course, gleefully reported Obama's hatred of capitalism and his disregard for the U.S. Constitution.

The problem? It was of course a satirical piece, written many months ago by some blogger, who said that a Time magazine columnist had read the thesis and released ten pages of it. Midway through his program, Limbaugh was informed that the information was false. He continued with it as if it were true. Nothing new with Limbaugh. If his lips are moving, there is a good chance that he is lying to begin with.

This story is not unlike the many emails that circulate through cyberspace and end up in our inboxes courtesy of the right wing sheep, who, like Limbaugh, gleefully pass them on as evidence of the President's Muslim, Communist, and Socialist leanings. Let us not forget his illegal birth, as well. They would never consider double checking such trash before they forward it onward. That would spoil their fun.

I have a penchant for checking the wildest of them out and then replying with documented facts. It is amazing how quiet my incoming mail from those folks becomes. They simply do not want to know the truth. If it is turned on them, they often get mad and send no more emails at all. Eventually some of them resume emailing me, but no more political trash comes through. One long time friend of ours has almost completely cut off communication with us after several corrections were sent in reply to the outrageous emails during the campaign last year.

I have never stooped so low as to let politics interfere with a friendship, but these folks simply cannot accept the truth. It is mostly racism that fuels the hardcore of these email forwarding fools, just as is the case with the venomous opposition to the President across the country. There is simply no other explanation for it. It is sad and even sadder when some conservative politicians have the decency to rebuff such trash and are then shouted down and cursed as cowards by the right wingnuts. Once has to wonder how much farther these idiots will go to push the Republican party over the final cliff.