Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Obama Thesis Hoax and All Those Email Lies

This past week Comedian Rush Limbaugh jumped upon a report of a partial disclosure of President Obama's senior thesis at Columbia in which he is quoted as writing about the flaws of the the free market and the Constitution. Limbaugh and other right wingers jumped upon this months old story as if were were breaking news and, of course, gleefully reported Obama's hatred of capitalism and his disregard for the U.S. Constitution.

The problem? It was of course a satirical piece, written many months ago by some blogger, who said that a Time magazine columnist had read the thesis and released ten pages of it. Midway through his program, Limbaugh was informed that the information was false. He continued with it as if it were true. Nothing new with Limbaugh. If his lips are moving, there is a good chance that he is lying to begin with.

This story is not unlike the many emails that circulate through cyberspace and end up in our inboxes courtesy of the right wing sheep, who, like Limbaugh, gleefully pass them on as evidence of the President's Muslim, Communist, and Socialist leanings. Let us not forget his illegal birth, as well. They would never consider double checking such trash before they forward it onward. That would spoil their fun.

I have a penchant for checking the wildest of them out and then replying with documented facts. It is amazing how quiet my incoming mail from those folks becomes. They simply do not want to know the truth. If it is turned on them, they often get mad and send no more emails at all. Eventually some of them resume emailing me, but no more political trash comes through. One long time friend of ours has almost completely cut off communication with us after several corrections were sent in reply to the outrageous emails during the campaign last year.

I have never stooped so low as to let politics interfere with a friendship, but these folks simply cannot accept the truth. It is mostly racism that fuels the hardcore of these email forwarding fools, just as is the case with the venomous opposition to the President across the country. There is simply no other explanation for it. It is sad and even sadder when some conservative politicians have the decency to rebuff such trash and are then shouted down and cursed as cowards by the right wingnuts. Once has to wonder how much farther these idiots will go to push the Republican party over the final cliff.


That Baptist Ain't Right said...

I'm beginning to think Rush & Hannity sense their power is waning.

Diane J Standiford said...

I feel sorry for them. HEY, CHRISTMAS decore already! Yo-karumba.

Doug B said...

What troubles me about these ridiculous smears is how mainstream they are. The lunatic fringe is no longer a fringe.

Most Americans lack a depth of knowledge of the situation. Reagan and his "revolution" remain popular with the majority of people - based mainly on his charismatic personality and considerable acting skills in portraying a U. S. president - because the truth about how he put into motion the mechanisms to redistribute the wealth upwards is overlooked.

It shocks me beyond words how successful the smear merchants have been in making true health care reform controversial. The majority of us working folks are in deep trouble because of health care related issues, yet that same majority still believe some form of the "if you think it's bad now, wait till Obama gets his way" meme.

People seem to be too lazy to fact check and actually think for themselves, preferring to have their opinions prepackaged and delivered directly to their empty heads by the right wing noise machines.

This current breed of "patriots" lack both the reasoning abilities and general soundness of mind of the Founding Fathers they claim to admire. The likes of Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, and Madison would have repudiated them completely.

rainlillie said...

Great post, GMM.