Friday, October 29, 2010

That Old World Mentality

This week a new neighbor took issue with my comments on Facebook, regarding the RV park across the creek. My comments were rather negative and revealed my consternation that fall is hear, the leaves are falling, and now the eyesore is becoming very visible. He immediately began to laud the fact the many of the RV's were more expensive than his house and, therefore, it must be a great place. This is the same way that middle class Americans legitimize their for voting for Republicans. Republicans stand for making the rich more powerful, and, therefore, they must be right.

As I watch this election cycle come to an end, I am amazed that middle class Americans seem to be supporting those who would wreck their lives. Republicans favor raising taxes on the middle class, while lowing them on the rich. They favor repealing the health care bill, thus enriching the already fat cat insurance industry. The GOP has already begun its quest to destroy public education, a move that would very adversely affect the middle and lower classes. Finally there is Social Security and pensions. If the GOP comes to power it is apparently ready to try to privatize Social Security the straw that might break the middle classes' back.

When our ancestors were serfs in Europe, they were trained to enamor the rich. The rich were powerful. They were beautiful. They had everything. They took care of our ancestors. Therefore, it was our ancestors' duty to serve them. If our ancestors didn't work hard to provide for the rich and make sure they were comfortable and well fed, then they, themselves, would starve.

Today's Republicans are fostering that old world mentality. We, the middle class, must sacrifice for the rich. We must pay higher taxes, give up social security, pay more for health care, if we have it at all, and we must sacrifice our access to education. All of this to ensure that the rich get richer and are comfortable in their ivory towers. After all, without the rich, we would be nothing.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This Baffling Election

As we approach the mid-term elections. I find myself baffled as to the outcome. I feel in my bones that the polls are wrong, but there is this undercurrent of racism and misinformation fostered by FOX News, the Internet, and the teabagger Republicans that is unmistakably scary. Are Americans so racist and so stupid that they will vote to put the Republicans back into power?

After eight years of George Bush, his unnecessary war and poor economic policy, and now an openly bigoted segment of the population spewing hatred toward, minorities, gays, women, and Muslims, the social atmosphere in this country has been turned upside down. Will gays stay away from the polls because of there disappointment with the President? Will African-Americans, who voted in record numbers, turn their backs on the President by not voting?

The free thinking segment of the population must realize that any disenchantment with the President must take a back seat to keeping the teabagging Republicans under their rocks where they belong. We cannot and must not allow this backward move toward a church state, with no public education, poor health care coverage, persecution of minorities, and an ever widening gap between rich and poor, as the middle class rapidly declines.

At the same time, we must be on guard, should Democrats prevail. The climate will be ripe for violent reactions, fostered by the Republican minions on FOX noise and the likes of Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, Sharon Angle, Joe Miller, Christine O'Donnell and many others. The President must govern strongly, and he must avoid the weakness of continuing to try to be bi-partisan. I know that he promised to do so and he has tried desperately to fulfill his campaign promises, but it hasn't worked. He must move beyond the GOP, basically, ignoring it, unless it chooses to be statesmanlike and compromise.

The election will be "electric." There is no doubt about it. I can't predict the outcome and I do not think the pollsters have a real grasp of it as well. Hopefully, common sense will prevail and the country can move forward, rather than return to the dark ages of Republican rule.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Georgia's Uphill Battle

In Georgia these days we have an uphill battle against backward leaning Republicans. From the late 1960's to 2000 Georgia progressed in so many areas. We had a nationally recognized Department of Transportation, a highly regarded State Parks system, and a strong environmental lobby with a sound environmental policy. Our barrier islands were and still are the best preserved on the east coast. We had sound fiscal leadership and our political leaders were generally honest.

For the last eight years we have seen every area of state government deteriorate. Our DOT is riddled with poor leadership from top to bottom. One of our state owned barrier islands is in danger of being over-developed by cronies of the current governor. Environmental leaders have been forced from boards. Our governor has governed from a "what can I do to help me personally" viewpoint. Our Speaker of the House was so corrupt he was finally forced out of office. The Lt Governor barely has a high school degree and has no clue about governing other than to line his pockets. You have probably guessed by now that these people are of the Republican ilk.

We now have a Republican gubernatorial candidate so corrupt that he left the U.S. House to escape an ethics probe. He was selected as one of the 10 most corrupt persons in Congress just prior to his resignation. The GOP candidate for Attorney General promises to waste millions of our tax dollars on a suit to overturn the "unconstitutional" health care law. Here in my home district we have an incorrigible Republican candidate for the state house. He has been involved in corrupt legal dealings for many years. His father was disbarred in 1997 because of a corrupt deal. Our representative has continued where his father left off, creating dummy corporations to help "preachers" steal from their congregations.

The Republicans seem to have a lock on everything political in this state. It is an uphill battle for Democrats, who ruled this state from 1870 until 2000. Now the racist appeal of the Republican party has captured the heart of many Georgians. We have a great candidate for Governor in Roy Barnes. A wonderful Georgian, Carol Porter, is running for Lt. Governor and here in our district and fine young man, Jack Lance, is running for the state house. All are honest and fair and all are making great inroads against the corruption that has overtaken our legislative and executive branches. It remains to be see how well they will do on election day.

Locally, I believe we will prevail. Statewide I hope we will prevail, but I am very worried that Georgians will go to the polls and elect more corrupt politicians, who will continue to bleed our state dry. As on the national level Georgia's GOP pols follow the racist, anti-American Republican rhetoric, spouting hatred for the President, minorities, gays, the unemployed, the elderly and the poor. It will be a sad day for our state and our nation if Republicans prevail in November.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Upset at Dems So Sit Out the Election or Vote Republican?

Reportedly, at least according to this news story, Gays are upset at Democrats and the President, so some are planning to sit out the upcoming election or look for someone else to vote for. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Yes, the Democrats haven't moved as fast as many would like, but taking a chance on putting Republicans back in charge?

For gays especially, voting Republican or not voting Democratic is playing with fire. Republicans are openly hostile to gays. They constantly rail against homosexuals, precipitating violence, and at the same time, voting against hate crimes legislation. If they return to power in Congress, DADT will certainly be continued. If they gain power in states, gay marriage bans will continue to be the norm. In short, putting Republicans back in power means going backward, while leaving Democrats in charge means there are still chances to progress.

Granted, I'm not gay, so I cannot totally empathize. However, it simply doesn't make sense for gays to stay home and refuse to vote in November. It definitely makes no sense whatsoever to vote in any way, shape or form for a Republican. Certainly things may not have moved fast enough, but give it some more time. Two years isn't a long time. With Democrats in power the chance for change still exists and pressure can still be exercised. With Republicans in charge there will be nothing but backward movement and more difficulties for gay Americans.