Friday, October 29, 2010

That Old World Mentality

This week a new neighbor took issue with my comments on Facebook, regarding the RV park across the creek. My comments were rather negative and revealed my consternation that fall is hear, the leaves are falling, and now the eyesore is becoming very visible. He immediately began to laud the fact the many of the RV's were more expensive than his house and, therefore, it must be a great place. This is the same way that middle class Americans legitimize their for voting for Republicans. Republicans stand for making the rich more powerful, and, therefore, they must be right.

As I watch this election cycle come to an end, I am amazed that middle class Americans seem to be supporting those who would wreck their lives. Republicans favor raising taxes on the middle class, while lowing them on the rich. They favor repealing the health care bill, thus enriching the already fat cat insurance industry. The GOP has already begun its quest to destroy public education, a move that would very adversely affect the middle and lower classes. Finally there is Social Security and pensions. If the GOP comes to power it is apparently ready to try to privatize Social Security the straw that might break the middle classes' back.

When our ancestors were serfs in Europe, they were trained to enamor the rich. The rich were powerful. They were beautiful. They had everything. They took care of our ancestors. Therefore, it was our ancestors' duty to serve them. If our ancestors didn't work hard to provide for the rich and make sure they were comfortable and well fed, then they, themselves, would starve.

Today's Republicans are fostering that old world mentality. We, the middle class, must sacrifice for the rich. We must pay higher taxes, give up social security, pay more for health care, if we have it at all, and we must sacrifice our access to education. All of this to ensure that the rich get richer and are comfortable in their ivory towers. After all, without the rich, we would be nothing.



Diane J Standiford said...

Yeah, I don't get it at all. Sooo STUPID.

Doug B said...

You explained it well. I'm surprised the commoner can't see this.

rainlillie said...

Great post! It's quite amazing that people can't see the things that you've pointed out in your post.