Sunday, October 24, 2010

Upset at Dems So Sit Out the Election or Vote Republican?

Reportedly, at least according to this news story, Gays are upset at Democrats and the President, so some are planning to sit out the upcoming election or look for someone else to vote for. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Yes, the Democrats haven't moved as fast as many would like, but taking a chance on putting Republicans back in charge?

For gays especially, voting Republican or not voting Democratic is playing with fire. Republicans are openly hostile to gays. They constantly rail against homosexuals, precipitating violence, and at the same time, voting against hate crimes legislation. If they return to power in Congress, DADT will certainly be continued. If they gain power in states, gay marriage bans will continue to be the norm. In short, putting Republicans back in power means going backward, while leaving Democrats in charge means there are still chances to progress.

Granted, I'm not gay, so I cannot totally empathize. However, it simply doesn't make sense for gays to stay home and refuse to vote in November. It definitely makes no sense whatsoever to vote in any way, shape or form for a Republican. Certainly things may not have moved fast enough, but give it some more time. Two years isn't a long time. With Democrats in power the chance for change still exists and pressure can still be exercised. With Republicans in charge there will be nothing but backward movement and more difficulties for gay Americans.

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