Monday, October 25, 2010

Georgia's Uphill Battle

In Georgia these days we have an uphill battle against backward leaning Republicans. From the late 1960's to 2000 Georgia progressed in so many areas. We had a nationally recognized Department of Transportation, a highly regarded State Parks system, and a strong environmental lobby with a sound environmental policy. Our barrier islands were and still are the best preserved on the east coast. We had sound fiscal leadership and our political leaders were generally honest.

For the last eight years we have seen every area of state government deteriorate. Our DOT is riddled with poor leadership from top to bottom. One of our state owned barrier islands is in danger of being over-developed by cronies of the current governor. Environmental leaders have been forced from boards. Our governor has governed from a "what can I do to help me personally" viewpoint. Our Speaker of the House was so corrupt he was finally forced out of office. The Lt Governor barely has a high school degree and has no clue about governing other than to line his pockets. You have probably guessed by now that these people are of the Republican ilk.

We now have a Republican gubernatorial candidate so corrupt that he left the U.S. House to escape an ethics probe. He was selected as one of the 10 most corrupt persons in Congress just prior to his resignation. The GOP candidate for Attorney General promises to waste millions of our tax dollars on a suit to overturn the "unconstitutional" health care law. Here in my home district we have an incorrigible Republican candidate for the state house. He has been involved in corrupt legal dealings for many years. His father was disbarred in 1997 because of a corrupt deal. Our representative has continued where his father left off, creating dummy corporations to help "preachers" steal from their congregations.

The Republicans seem to have a lock on everything political in this state. It is an uphill battle for Democrats, who ruled this state from 1870 until 2000. Now the racist appeal of the Republican party has captured the heart of many Georgians. We have a great candidate for Governor in Roy Barnes. A wonderful Georgian, Carol Porter, is running for Lt. Governor and here in our district and fine young man, Jack Lance, is running for the state house. All are honest and fair and all are making great inroads against the corruption that has overtaken our legislative and executive branches. It remains to be see how well they will do on election day.

Locally, I believe we will prevail. Statewide I hope we will prevail, but I am very worried that Georgians will go to the polls and elect more corrupt politicians, who will continue to bleed our state dry. As on the national level Georgia's GOP pols follow the racist, anti-American Republican rhetoric, spouting hatred for the President, minorities, gays, the unemployed, the elderly and the poor. It will be a sad day for our state and our nation if Republicans prevail in November.

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