Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sarah Palin, McCain's Unfortunate Choice

Sarah Palin, or as I call her, the Alaskan Bimbo, has been the picture child for all that is perceived as wrong with the McCain campaign. She was chosen without being well vetted, apparently on a whim during a short meeting with campaign leaders. She is given as the reason several top Republicans have forgone McCain in favor of Obama. McCain is seen as one who has made a poor choice for a VP so, what kind of choices would he make should he become president?

Ms Palin was given a $150,000 shopping spree to outfit herself and her family for the campaign and touched up with over $20,000 worth of professional make-up and hair styling work. She has been kept from the press for fear of what she might say and, even after coaching, has made off the wall, and incorrect statements. She hasn't been able to give a knowlegable definition of the VP's duties. The list goes on.

Ms Palin isn't really stupid, as many of us have characterized her. She is inexperienced and unprepared for the job at hand. Thus, her picture could easily be placed in the dictionary beside the word, bimbo. However, is this all Ms Palin's fault? She has been elected governor of Alaska. That fact in itself is no minor accomplishment, though Alaska is no California or Pennsylvania and has the population of a medium sized U.S. city. She was thrust into the national spotlight and immediately put on the campaign trail with absolutely no experience with the national press and an obviously narrow world view. She is apparently not well read, yet three months ago, she probably had no idea that her life was going to change so drastically.

If fault can be placed on Sarah Palin, it would have to be because she accepted the position in the first place. We have all been in that position. An offer has been placed on the table, and we know we really aren't prepared for it, but our egos and our ambitions take over. If we are lucky, we stumble a bit, but we manage to fake our way through and use common sense until we gain enough experience to shine. If we aren't that lucky and we don't have time to lay low until we learn the job, we end up like Ms Palin. We look like a fool and every time we stumble, the spotlight shines brightly upon us. Those around us who, know the real story, watch our every move and report it to others.

The major responsibility for Ms Palin's unfortunate blunders must lie with those who selected her. John McCain made the final choice, so he must live with it. According to those in the know, he may not be happy with his choice at the moment, but he can blame no one but himself. He had a number of choices, who would have complemented his weaknesses. Yet he passed them by. It still isn't completely clear why he chose Palin. Some have speculated that it was because of her religious and socially conservative views. Yet the were other, more experienced persons with similar opinions. Some people are guilty of surrounding themselves with those who pose no threat. They are fearful that they will be overshadowed by a subordinate. McCain has an ego and he appears short. Could it be the Napoleonic Syndrome?

We do not know the outcome of this election. As far as I am concerned it is still very much up in the air. Polls do not vote. If the McCain/Palin ticket wins, the losers will be the American people, especially if McCain were to die in office. Win or lose John McCain will be remembered for the poor choice he made for his vice president. If he wins, we have to hope that he lives until his VP can get up to speed in the world. Then we have to hope that she really isn't as she seems. We have to hope that she isn't a scared rabbit in a den of wolves and that she is, indeed, intelligent enough to become what is still, at the moment, the leader of the free world.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Today's Most Embarrasing Moments for McCain/Bimbo

1. The Bimbo makes a "policy" speech, outlining yet another area off limits to McCain's "spending freeze." In the speech she makes fun of fruit fly research, a major source of information in many medical areas, especially autism.

2. The Bimbo denies that her clothing expenses were anything but convention related, although much of the spending has taken place since the convention and she has been wearing expensive clothes since the convention.

3. The Bimbo says that she is nothing but frugal. The campaign releases information of the tens of thousands spent this month on her makeup artists. We also find that she has stayed in luxury hotels with her children, charging it all to the State of Alaska.

4. Comedian Rush Limbaugh says that Obama's visit to his sick grandmother in Hawaii is all fake and that he really is there because of his birth certificate.

5. Tom Ridge says that things would have been going differently had he been the VP choice.

6. Charles Fried, a McCain adviser, and long-time conservative Republican votes for Obama and asks the McCain campaign to remove his name from campaign committees. The reason? The Bimbo.

7. Former MA Gov. William Weld, a conservative Republican and Mitt Romney supporter, endorsed Obama.

Moody Says McCain Campaign Over Because of Attack

Commenting in his blog, John Moody, VP of Fox News, said that,if the race baiting attack report by a McCain volunteer in PA, is false, the McCain campaign is over. The young woman said she was attacked by a black man, who carved a B for Obama on her face. There was one problem. It was backward. Police have now charged her with filing a false report.

I disagree with Mr. Moody. Unless this woman's actions are proven to have been planned or provoked by someone directly involved with the McCain campaign, there is no way the campaign can be blamed for it. Even the people in this broken campaign aren't that stupid. At least I don't think so. So far they've stooped pretty far into the gutter, but I can't believe they had anything to do with it.

It would appear that the woman has some mental issues. Only an unbalanced person would purposely hurt themselves to further a political campaign or to get attention. Leave it alone and let the woman fight her windmills and hope that she gets some help.

Update: There is a possibility that the McCain campaign in PA tried to use the reported attack as a campaign issue by publicizing it before police had released any information. Some newspapers are reporting that a PA McCain official contacted them about the attack before they received confirmation of details from the police. If this is so, then the McCain people, although, they weren't involved in the student's faking of the attack, sought to use it to make political gains among western PA's population, who tend to be more racially motivated. Of course, it would have played well in other parts of the country as well.

Straight Talk From Three of My Favorites

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can The McCain Campaign Get Any Worse?

Is this weird or what? Does she not know that the jackass is the Democrat's logo or is this a subtle message? (update: The Democratic Party scarf was given to her by somone in the crowd, and she was dumb enough to put it on.)Then check out what she said about Obama BEFORE she became the VP nominee (update, this magnifies what many Alaskans, Republican and Democrat are saying about their Gov. She has been changed by her handlers and is not the person they knew):

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Republicans Dumping Vets in Georgia

In the midst of the state budget crisis in Georgia, Republican Governor, Sonny Purdue's administration is closing the state veteran's home and dumping 81 veterans onto the street. These people are there because they have no other place to go. Governor Purdue refused to answer questions about it at an event honoring veterans.

It's a shame that these people are going to be kicked out of state care. It's a shame that these Republicans, who claim to be so "pro-American" refuse to remove the veteran's home from the cut list. These men, I don't know if there are women or not, served their country. I do not know how many of them are war veterans, but if they served their country in harm's way they certainly do not deserve this kind of treatment.

I will reserve final judgement until I see if the Governor caves in to criticism and the election and saves the home. I don't care how or why he does it. I just hope that he changes his mind and shows some compassion. I know it will hurt his Republican pride to actually do something good for his less fortunate fellow man, but our veterans should come first, budget problems or not.

Bachmann Says Hardball a Trap

Rep. Michelle Bachmann, the Neanderthal Congresswoman from Minnesota says she had never seen Hardball and that she walked into a trap. I have news for you Ms Bachmann, when someone asks you a straight forward question, i.e. "Do you believe that Obama is anti-American," and you answer "absolutely," it isn't a trap. You are a politician. You've been elected to a high public office. You should be smart enough to keep your mouth shut. Every reporter is not a FOX News shill, who only asks Democrats tough questions.

Now she is trying to say that she didn't say that Obama is anti-American. How can she stand up in front of anyone and deny it? She actually said that she didn't call for a press investigation of Congress to separate the anti and pro-Americans. I find it very interesting that politicians like Bachmann and N.C. Rep. Robin Hayes think they can lie themselves out of the stupid statements that they make before cameras and the press. This kind of lying has worked for politicians for years. I suppose these current Republicans think that because George Bush has gotten away with it for the last eight years, they can also. The voters are fed up with this kind of low class demagoguery.

Then there is, of course, the Queen of Stupid, Ms. Sarah "Bimbo" Palin. The election is two weeks away, and she still hasn't read the Constitution to find out exactly what the Vice President is charged with doing. She failed the "I am smarter than a third grader" miserably. I wonder what the McCain campaign wreck will try to spin out of her latest stupid statement. No Ms Palin, the VP isn't "in charge" of the Senate.

Keep it up stupid pols. The election is only two weeks away. You can lose. That goes for you too John Murtha, Barney Frank, and Chuck Shumer. You can still lose. Keep your mouth shut. If you can't say something intelligent or constructive stay home and away from the cameras.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sarah, The Fashion Plate

If the Sarah "The VP Runs the Senate" Palan gets nothing else out of her candidacy, it appears she will go home with a new $150,000 wardrobe. September's Republican National Committee financial disclosures report shopping sprees to such high dollar stores as Sachs Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus for "itemized coordinated expenditures" There was even $295 spent at a children's store for the baby. Kind of makes a $400 haircut seem cheap. I guess camos and combat boots aren't suitable for the campaign trail.

It is already clear that the Alaskan Bimbo took the state of Alaska for tens of thousands in travel funds for her family. Our Governor Sonny in Georgia is crooked, but even he wouldn't try to get away with that. He actually tried it once, when he allowed his son to take a state helicopter to a football game, but he got caught. I digress. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Bimbo was given an inch and she took a mile, coming out with clothes that you and I could never afford. Do you think she will have to return them, if she and Johnny Zig Zag lose?

God Doesn't Want Girls to Play Football?

In today's Atlanta Journal a metro Atlanta football coach is quoted as saying:

“The East Atlanta Mustangs didn’t play us under protest but they were allowed to read a statement on their beliefs about female football players,” Townley said. “They used biblical verses from the book of Romans. I was very stunned by that.”

This is all in response to a female football player, a place kicker, who is very good at what she does. Previously, she had played in the public schools, but this year she is playing in a league of private and home schooled teams. At the beginning of the season, the league banned her because she was female. After receiving a letter from her family's lawyer, the director of the league lifted the ban. Now other teams are either refusing to play or playing after citing Bible verses. As yet, the verses haven't been specifically noted. Did they play football back then?

By the way, fourteen year old Kacy Stuart's team, the New Creation Center Crusaders, beat the Mustangs 39-8. Kacy did all the kicking and made three extra points. You go girl! Don't let these backward thinking (or cowardly, she IS a girl) Neanderthals intimidate you.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Truth or Fiction?

A few days ago one of my readers advised me to visit a particular website and get the truth about what is really happening in the world and, more specifically, the campaigns. The site is called Worldnet . I urge you to visit this site, if you haven't already done so. It is the ultimate political grocery store tabloid, with headlines like "Obama funded foreign thug who promised Islamic state" or "Gadhafi: Obama a Muslim, studied in Islamic schools" and "Test shows Ayers penned Obama's 'Dreams'." Gadhafi? Since when did he become lucid enough to be believed. A few years ago, the people who would read and believe this site were calling for his head. Interestingly enough, this tabloid was started by a guy named "Farah." Could it be...? No, let's not go there.

Worldnet Daily boasts such "unbiased" columnists as Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Neal Boortz, Chuck Norris, Phyllis Schafly, and Dr. Laura Schlesinger. Chuck Norris? A columnist? You decide. This group of "writers" is a total reflection of what is wrong with our country. They make up stories, then pass them off as truth in order to stir up their loyal followers who believe anything they write or say. They are the epitome of the mean spirited, trash talking, right wing demagogues, who preach hate and division in an effort to further the far right agenda. This is the very thing Gen. Colin Powell questioned yesterday in his interviews with NBC. It is just a matter of time before Michelle "McCarthy" Bachman, whom Powell pointed out yesterday, becomes a regular.

I would recommend this site for some light reading and fun, if you can keep your head about you. If you are prone to violence or depression, stay away. It could take you in either direction very quickly. Read it with a light heart, and hope and pray that this kind of gutter "journalism" fades quietly way. If it doesn't and continues to mutate, this country is in for some very, very difficult times.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Bimbo and Her Redneck Friends at the Pool

I simply had to comment on this picture. It is so representative of this woman. Are they hunting at the pool? The guy sitting in the background also has a rifle. It couldn't be ducks, because you don't hunt ducks with a rifle. So are they just plunking in the backyard or what? Notice where her finger is located. Any gun safety expert will tell you that you don't put your finger on the trigger until it is time to shoot. I don't want to be around this crowd when they have guns in their hands.
Finally, can you say redneck? Check out the charmer with the cigarette. That's a Schlitz beer in his hand. I wonder how many the nubile Sarah had soaked up. Need I say more?

Colin Powell has Endorsed Obama

One of the leading Republicans, and one of the most admired, Gen. Colin Powell ,has endorsed Obama. To me this is probably the most significant of any endorsements on either side. In his interview on Meet the Press, Powell stated that his party had gone too far with its labeling of Obama as a Muslim and a terrorist. He said that he was disappointed in McCain's attempts to tie Obama to Bill Ayers. He also said something that most of us have been saying. McCain hasn't a clue as to economic issues. Last, but certainly not least, he recognized that Sarah Palin (the Bimbo) is not prepared to be president and that her choice questions McCain's judgement.

This endorsement says to me that Powell, who has been a strong McCain supporter and contributor until now, has seen the real John McCain. The McCain who is willing to sell his soul for the presidency. The McCain, who will make up and say anything, no matter how far-fetched, to try to discredit his opponent.

Gen. Powell was duped by George Bush and his minions, but he remained loyal as long as he was in the Bush Regime and since that time, at least, publicly. He is a highly respected man among those of both parties. I have had respect for him as a man and as a soldier, ever since he rose to prominence. Had he run for president this year, I would have given him a very long look and listened very closely to what he said. He might very well have gotten my vote. I respect him now for speaking his mind and having the courage to make a choice outside of his own party.

Powell's endorsement says much about Obama. It certainly says much about the McCain/Bimbo lies about Obama's Muslim and terrorist ties. If these accusations were true, you can be sure that Powell would know about them. If they were true, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies would have been keeping a close eye on Obama and the Secretary of State would have been in the loop. He has enough ties to the Federal Government to be well enough informed about such issues.

It will be interesting to watch the vicious Republican faithful react to Powell's endorsement. If they take the negative tack and start linking him to terrorists and Muslims, they will finally have gone off the deep end. I can't wait to hear what the likes of comedian's Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter and others of their ilk have to say. Will Colin Powell be tarred and feathered and branded an anti-American socialist liberal by the right wing press? Just how will they approach it? How about this one: Powell was blackmailed and forced to endorse Obama by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the presumed members of Obama's inner circle.

This endorsement may very well signal the death knell for the failing campaign of McCain/Bimbo. Their's has been one of the most poorly organized and run campaigns in my memory. It has had no direction and no real coherent and consistent message for the American people. Then there was the choice of the Palin Bimbo...