Friday, October 24, 2008

Moody Says McCain Campaign Over Because of Attack

Commenting in his blog, John Moody, VP of Fox News, said that,if the race baiting attack report by a McCain volunteer in PA, is false, the McCain campaign is over. The young woman said she was attacked by a black man, who carved a B for Obama on her face. There was one problem. It was backward. Police have now charged her with filing a false report.

I disagree with Mr. Moody. Unless this woman's actions are proven to have been planned or provoked by someone directly involved with the McCain campaign, there is no way the campaign can be blamed for it. Even the people in this broken campaign aren't that stupid. At least I don't think so. So far they've stooped pretty far into the gutter, but I can't believe they had anything to do with it.

It would appear that the woman has some mental issues. Only an unbalanced person would purposely hurt themselves to further a political campaign or to get attention. Leave it alone and let the woman fight her windmills and hope that she gets some help.

Update: There is a possibility that the McCain campaign in PA tried to use the reported attack as a campaign issue by publicizing it before police had released any information. Some newspapers are reporting that a PA McCain official contacted them about the attack before they received confirmation of details from the police. If this is so, then the McCain people, although, they weren't involved in the student's faking of the attack, sought to use it to make political gains among western PA's population, who tend to be more racially motivated. Of course, it would have played well in other parts of the country as well.

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