Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Republicans Dumping Vets in Georgia

In the midst of the state budget crisis in Georgia, Republican Governor, Sonny Purdue's administration is closing the state veteran's home and dumping 81 veterans onto the street. These people are there because they have no other place to go. Governor Purdue refused to answer questions about it at an event honoring veterans.

It's a shame that these people are going to be kicked out of state care. It's a shame that these Republicans, who claim to be so "pro-American" refuse to remove the veteran's home from the cut list. These men, I don't know if there are women or not, served their country. I do not know how many of them are war veterans, but if they served their country in harm's way they certainly do not deserve this kind of treatment.

I will reserve final judgement until I see if the Governor caves in to criticism and the election and saves the home. I don't care how or why he does it. I just hope that he changes his mind and shows some compassion. I know it will hurt his Republican pride to actually do something good for his less fortunate fellow man, but our veterans should come first, budget problems or not.


Diane J Standiford said...

Sickens me. We send care around the globe, but can't care for our own.

Doug B said...

As a fellow Georgian I have to observe that we have some the poorest maintained roads and the darkest, unlit streets around ... where do our tax dollars go? Now we have to turn out into the streets 81 of our veterans? I'm embarrassed.