Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can The McCain Campaign Get Any Worse?

Is this weird or what? Does she not know that the jackass is the Democrat's logo or is this a subtle message? (update: The Democratic Party scarf was given to her by somone in the crowd, and she was dumb enough to put it on.)Then check out what she said about Obama BEFORE she became the VP nominee (update, this magnifies what many Alaskans, Republican and Democrat are saying about their Gov. She has been changed by her handlers and is not the person they knew):


Doug B said...

True, the jackass is the symbol for the Democrats. But it takes on a whole new meaning when worn by Republicans like Palin.

Anonymous said...

doug b, Any chance that you would consider that Sarah Palin might be a polite person who would accept a gift without raising a fuss or making the symbol of the Democrats of herself? A bunch of you are going to answer for the way you have maligned a beautiful believer in the Lord Jesus. mom2