Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bush's War Strikes Home

Russia has invaded Georgia. The Bush regime has condemned Russia for using missiles and strategic bombers against that country and for blocking attempts at mediation. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Bush invaded a country a few years back, used strategic bombers and missiles, and blocked attempts to avert his invasion.

It is a bit difficult to take the high road in this crisis, because the United States is now guilty of the same conduct. Bush is quoted as having told Russian President, Putin,

" "The violence is endangering regional peace, civilian lives have been lost and others are endangered. We have urged an immediate halt to the violence and a stand-down by all troops. We call for an end to the Russian bombings," a grim Bush told reporters. He did not take any questions."

Of course Bush didn't take any questions. A reporter might have asked if this sounded familiar to him. Thousands of civilian lives have been lost as a result of Bush's unprovoked invasion of Iraq, and the Middle East is in turmoil. The Russians are probably laughing at his feeble attempt to be "grim." Basically, the U.S. in this situation is like a eunuch in a harem.

The Russian invasion of Georgia is just the first incident in which we find ourselves unable to take the high road. There will be others. The world will thumb its nose at us and move on. We cannot be outraged, when our prisoners are mistreated. We cannot condemn others because this misguided, unprincipled, and outlaw Bush Regime has eaten from the same trough as all of the rogue nations of the past and present. It will take years to purge our world image of this poor excuse for a president and world leader.