Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama and Rev. Wright

This week, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barak Obama's former pastor, has been making many comments as he makes the rounds of the talk circuit. In the beginning I saw the publicity surrounding his past comments as being mostly political in nature. The comments appeared to have been taken out of context, and I didn't see how anyone could be blamed for something their pastor said.

In light of the most recent comments by the good Rev. I now wonder what his motives are. He is making statements that are very obviously going to be used to discredit Obama. Wright's statement that Obama's opposition to his views is simply something Obama has to say to please his supporters, insinuates that Obama secretly agrees and pours very flammable fuel on the fire.

Is Wright just plain stupid? Does he not support Obama's candidacy? Is there a conspiracy somewhere and is Wright the mouthpiece? Or is the Rev. simply using this issue to make a name and potentially money for himself at Obama's expense?

Today Obama came out to strongly denounce Wright. Whether this will be enough to dampen the issue remains to be seen. It is unfortunate for Obama that Rev. Wright has chosen for whatever reason to potentially destroy all the progress that the Sen. has made in this campaign. The entire Democratic campaign has become a burden on the party, and one has to wonder if the Rev. Wright has finally placed Sen. Clinton in a position to take the nomination and what, if any, damage this will do to the entire Democratic effort.

I would like to see what others have to say on this subject. Please post your comments.