Friday, September 11, 2009

Joe Wilson's Calculated Heckling

It now appears that S.C. Republican, Joe Wilson, may very well have planned his boorish heckling of the President Wednesday night. Watch how he claims he is a victim and needs cash now.

It seems awfully coincidental that he is using his outburst to raise money. I cannot think of a better way to rouse the wingnut base than to interrupt the President with a cry of "you lie." Comedian Rush Limbaugh liked it, so you know the rest of the lunatic fringe is gleefully celebrating.

Wilson's opponent raised a lot of money in the hours immediately following the incident. Wilson, however, stands to raise a great deal with the arrogant and rude behavior that is so common with his base. I would bet that there was a lot of back slapping behind the scenes after the address. I can hear it now, "You actually did it, Joe. They'll slap your wrist, but it will be worth it with all the money this is going to bring in. Your name is all over the Internet and cable news. What a great idea!"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Two More Stupid Republicans

Two more Republicans have shown their lack of decorum and good sense, thus continuing to define the new Republican Party. Yet another "family values" Republican state lawmaker, this time in California, was caught on tape describing his sexual encounter with a lobbyist.

Michael Duvall quickly resigned after his stupid remarks were picked up on a hot microphone in the general assembly hall. He, of course, made the customary apology to his family and fellow lawmakers.

Then there is S.C. Republican Joe Wilson, who tried to make a town hall meeting out of the President's address to Congress last night, by shouting "you lie" in reference to the President's remarks regarding illegal aliens.

Such grandstanding may play well to the racist and boorish Republican base, but not to mainstream America. Although he immediately apologized and John McCain demanded that apology, yet more damage was done to the Republican image for mainstream voters. These Neanderthals simply can not help themselves.