Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sarah, the Bimbo and the AIP

"The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government. And I won't be buried under their damn flag. I'll be buried in Dawson. And when Alaska is an independent nation they can bring my bones home." - Joe Vogler

Joe Vogeler was the founder of the Alaskan Independence Party, the party to which the Bimbo's husband belongs or has belonged and with which she has been, at least, closely associated. This party advocates secession from the United States. This is a treasonist act, but for some reason the "liberal media" hasn't questioned the Bimbo's "close association." They stay on top of McCain's and the Bimbo's false accusations about Obama and Ayers, however.
The Bimbo gave the party a resounding welcome to the Alaskan capital earlier this year in a recorded message, which is posted on the blog. She talked about how important these people were to Alaska. I suppose, if you agree with their message you will give them a "kiss, kiss" welcome.

Frankly, Obama and Biden should be questioning her patriotism and asking about her red-neck husband's current status with that subversive group. Is she simply covering up with her over the top patriotism? Instead of this patriotic drivel, is there a much more sinister underbelly to these two people? Could they at this moment be plotting the overthrow of the United States Government? What kind of security briefings have they already been given. For all we know they could be allied with Osama Bin Laden and will ultimately be sending him U.S. secrets.

It sounds silly doesn't it? Just as silly as McCain's and the Bimbo's questioning of Obama's relationship with Ayers. (That means I don't believe that they are really plotting, mom2) The only difference is that we know that there has been a close relationship with the treasonist AIP where the Bimbo and her husband are concerned. I just don't understand why someone isn't questioning it and so many other trashy and illegal things that she has been involved in up in the place where Putin strikes first, when he sends his airplanes over for an attack. The place where you can see Russia from your back porch, if you have a super duper long range nuclear powered scope.

Racism and the Campaigns

Each day I as read the bad emails and observe videos of attendance at McCain/Bimbo rallies it is very clear that racism is a major factor in opposition to Obama. This was to be expected. However, the blatant demonstrations of it are, to me, somewhat surprising. I have many friends, in fact, who oppose Obama and most of their opposition isn't due to policy differences. It is plainly racism. Why do I know this? I know my friends. I hear them substitute "Muslim" for black or the "n" word. I receive emails depicting Obama in racist terms.

A YouTube video posted on Betty's "No Sin Zone," very clearly shows that many, or even most of the folks in line at a Bimbo rally were racist. These folks were very vocal in their responses to some Obama supporters across the street. One fellow proudly carried a stuffed monkey doll which was labeled "Obama," saying "this is little Hussein Obama." Many, showing their total ignorance, yelled "go back to Kenya." One fellow stated that if Obama becomes president "his cabinet won't be a cross section of America, it will be Al Sharpton, Rev. Wright, and Jesse Jackson." I'm not sure exactly what he meant, since cabinets do not reflect a "cross section" of the country. A few, who had just come out from under their rock that morning and were apparently unable to think as quickly as the other charmers, called the Obama supporters Communists. These folks were in Johnstown, PA, not Georgia, TN, or Alabama. Overt racism used to be more confined to the South. No more.

I don't believe that all McCain/Bimbo supporters are racist. There are many "yellow dog" Republicans, who vote blindly each election. However, I would say that large numbers are supporting McCain, who see the issue as black vs white. I saw an article today about other racists, who realize that there are other issues and are willing, as they put it, to hold their nose and vote for Obama. At least these voters are able to put their country in front of their racist thoughts.

Many voters won't be as blatant as the PA people. The more educated and higher classes of them do not want to be overtly racist. That isn't acceptable, at least in groups. They will continue to express their racism in terms such as "Muslim" or "Terrorist." These labels are more acceptable to their sensibilities and better for business. They do, after all, have to do business with "them." They will take "their" money any day as long as they don't have to have "one" as a friend. It is totally unacceptable to have "one" as President of the United States of America. God forbid!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Iraq: What Happens When We Withdraw?

Johnny McCain wants an open ended conflict in Iraq. He insists that withdrawal is surrender. Obama, on the other hand wants to begin withdrawal soon after he takes office and have everyone out in 16 months. McCain tries to portray Obama as a coward, who knows nothing about conducting a war, thus a withdrawal by Obama is surrender.

Unfortunately, whoever is elected president next month is going to have to deal with the mess conjured up by the Bush Regime. My guess is that the two warring tribal groups are simply waiting out the U.S. withdrawal, whenever it comes, next year or later. Once U.S. military forces are out, warfare will begin. These groups have been at each others' throats for centuries. They will continue their fight.

Iraq will descend into anarchy in a short time, unless peacekeepers are brought in. Let us hope that, when the trouble begins our leadership isn't stupid enough to go in alone, if anyone goes in. If McCain is president, we can be pretty sure that he will follow Bush's lead and do a unilateral invasion once again. He has said he doesn't care if U.S. forces are still there 100 years from now.

Iran will enter the vacuum left by U.S. withdrawal. They are waiting now for a time to exert their full influence over Iraq. Their interest is tribal and they will ensure their their superior tribe is in power. They fought a long war with Sadaam and do not want another. In addition there is probably some desire to control more of the Middle East and the oil in Iraq as well.

Rest assured, Iraq will not be out of our hair for a long time. If Obama wins, he will be between a rock and a hard place once Iraq heats up again, and it will. Even now, despite McCain's rosy picture, Iraq is still very unstable, and a spark could set it off, once the insurgents feel that it is safe for them to move.

There have been many U.S foreign policy blunders over the course of the last 60 years. Two of the worst were the U.S. allowing France to return to Vietnam after World War II, and George Bush's unilateral, unprovoked invasion of Iraq. Both caused the unnecessary loss of too many American lives and pushed the country into internal turmoil. Let us hope that the next president can clean up the mess that Bush is leaving without the great loss of life and the maiming of so many of our youth.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Final "Debate:" An Exercise in Deperation

Lord help us. The "debates" are over. Last night John McCain served up a plate of angry, arrogant, and sarcastic desperation. His body language did nothing but demonstrate that he is a poster boy for anger management. He seemed to flit from one attack to another with little organization to his remarks, beginning an attack about trade with Columbia and ending with a tirade about drugs killing young Americans. He even accused Obama of never having been south of the border, forgetting, I suppose, that his running mate, the Bimbo, never had a passport.

McCain brought up the usual Ayers lies and innuendo that have dominated his campaign for the last two weeks. Obama almost seemed tired of having to answer, once again, a question that is so meaningless it doesn't even require an answer. Then McCain tried the Acorn argument, forgetting, again, that he was a the keynote speaker for that group's annual meeting just a scant two years or so ago. At that time he was a major supporter. What did he say? Acorn is "destroying the fabric of democracy"? Huh?

Then there was the attempt to brush off the angry, violent theats against Obama by some of the mob attending his and the Bimbo's rallies. He spoke of the veterans who are in attendance and how talking about these violent outburst are a slap at them. The man is a joke. It is so sad to see a man who was once a good leader of his party and a dedicated public servant descend to being little more than an angry old man deperately striking out at anyone who disagrees with him.

Finally, who is Joe the Plumber? After his interview with Katie Couric, I would guess that he was probably a McCain plant, put in place just for the debate. Otherwise, how or why would McCain have singled him out? His response about Obama tapdancing was so racist, he couldn't have thought that up all by himself. A McCain operative, for sure.

David Gergen, when asked by Anderson Cooper on CNN last night what he would tell John McCain his message should be from here to the end, replied: "Beats the hell out of me," adding, "See if you can leave this with your honor intact."

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Straight Talk Express...Off the Road Yet Again

Once again, the Straight Talk Express has run off the road. McCain and the Alaskan Bimbo took their eyes off the road and have been floundering around in the mud, while Obama has continued to expand his lead. They tried to turn the campaign into a debate about a mythical relationship between Obama and a 60's radical who did his dirty deeds when Obama was eight years old. Fortunately, there was too much factual information out there about Ayers and Obama, so McPalin was wasting its bad breath.

For the umpteenth time, McCain is again trying to pull his wrecked campaign out of the mud and back onto the pavement. Unfortunately, for him, the road is still lined with potholes. He says he is going to "whip Obama's you know what" tomorrow night in the last debate. That's a strange way to put it for a man known for his profanity. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow night and just how he plans to do his dirty deed. Methinks Obama is too smart to be drawn into a McCain style mud wrestling match.

With three weeks left in this miserable two years of relentless campaigning, what do McCain and the "Bimbo" have left in their bag of tricks? They and their operatives have used up most of their scare tactics, and most voters don't seem to have been fooled. It appears that they are going to try to blast the Bush Regime, but there are too many examples of his bedtime romance with his buddy, "The Shrub." I don't think that will work. He may try to come up with some fantastically expensive economic package, but his record on economics isn't too impressive.

We'll see whether the dented, scraped, and broken "Express" will limp along dodging potholes, or if it will be transformed into a sleek "Silver Eagle." If the past is any indication, the old broken down heap will break again before the finish line.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

John Lewis Talks Too Much

"As one who was a victim of violence and hate during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, I am deeply disturbed by the negative tone of the McCain-Palin campaign," Lewis said in a statement. "Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin are sowing the seeds of hatred and division, and there is no need for this hostility in our political discourse."

"During another period, in the not too distant past, there was a governor of the state of Alabama named George Wallace who also became a presidential candidate. George Wallace never threw a bomb. He never fired a gun, but he created the climate and the conditions that encouraged vicious attacks against innocent Americans who were simply trying to exercise their constitutional rights. Because of this atmosphere of hate, four little girls were killed on Sunday morning when a church was bombed in Birmingham, Alabama,"

-John Lewis 10/11/2008

John Lewis is a great surviving figure of the Civil Rights movement. He is also a politician. It amazes me how experienced politicians can be so stupid. I understand what he was trying to say. It is clear that McCain and Palin have incited crowds and that such inflammatory talk is dangerous. McCain has made a lame effort to change that climate, but it is obvious that he and Palin were purposely trying to stir up resentment toward Obama and gain voters. It is also clear that they haven't really distanced themselves from such talk and that they continue to spout it.

Back to John Lewis. When a prominent figure makes a statement and references the Civil Rights movement, George Wallace, and the killing of the children in Birmingham, he should know that his words will be taken out of context and that they will be denounced by Palin and McCain as racist. McCain and Palin and their supporters will use those words to say to voters that Lewis and Obama are comparing them to George Wallace. Lewis wrote the words, Obama will be blamed for them and a new chapter of lies and innuendo will begin.

The country sees what Palin and McCain are doing. It does not need Lewis to interpret it. Leave well enough alone, Mr. Lewis. Don't be another Jeremiah Wright. The election is near and Obama is doing well, while McCain and the Bimbo flounder around in the mud. He doesn't need any "help."