Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Final "Debate:" An Exercise in Deperation

Lord help us. The "debates" are over. Last night John McCain served up a plate of angry, arrogant, and sarcastic desperation. His body language did nothing but demonstrate that he is a poster boy for anger management. He seemed to flit from one attack to another with little organization to his remarks, beginning an attack about trade with Columbia and ending with a tirade about drugs killing young Americans. He even accused Obama of never having been south of the border, forgetting, I suppose, that his running mate, the Bimbo, never had a passport.

McCain brought up the usual Ayers lies and innuendo that have dominated his campaign for the last two weeks. Obama almost seemed tired of having to answer, once again, a question that is so meaningless it doesn't even require an answer. Then McCain tried the Acorn argument, forgetting, again, that he was a the keynote speaker for that group's annual meeting just a scant two years or so ago. At that time he was a major supporter. What did he say? Acorn is "destroying the fabric of democracy"? Huh?

Then there was the attempt to brush off the angry, violent theats against Obama by some of the mob attending his and the Bimbo's rallies. He spoke of the veterans who are in attendance and how talking about these violent outburst are a slap at them. The man is a joke. It is so sad to see a man who was once a good leader of his party and a dedicated public servant descend to being little more than an angry old man deperately striking out at anyone who disagrees with him.

Finally, who is Joe the Plumber? After his interview with Katie Couric, I would guess that he was probably a McCain plant, put in place just for the debate. Otherwise, how or why would McCain have singled him out? His response about Obama tapdancing was so racist, he couldn't have thought that up all by himself. A McCain operative, for sure.

David Gergen, when asked by Anderson Cooper on CNN last night what he would tell John McCain his message should be from here to the end, replied: "Beats the hell out of me," adding, "See if you can leave this with your honor intact."


foxofbama said...

The fat lady is singing. Western North Carolina has gotten the word. I just a letter to the Clay County Progress.
Click over to my blog and read the Ron Rash story on Obama from the Washington Post.
Get the Blairsville Library to order extra copies of Serena, and you got ahead and buy a personal copy so Rash can sign it when you see him cause I have a feelin you will find a way soon.
Google up and listen online to's Fresh Air yesterday on Sarah Palin.
Will help you refine the take.
Tell JBabbTaylor about the Rash piece on Obama as I am leaning on our mutual friend John Pierce to do a cover story on Rash in Baps Today cause Rash deserves it.


That Baptist Ain't Right said...

can we just get this one over & start on 2012 already?

Anonymous said...

Is it hard swallowing those camels while you gag on gnats? If you want to mention ridiculous looks, how about those arrogant, goofy smiles that Obama made during the first debate. If you want to know the truth about the man, watch some videos of his own words. He was just tired because he did not think people would be so persistent and vigilant in checking out his past, since he has no voting record to scrutinize. He voted present more than anything and when he did vote, he was pro-death to unborns or those who happened to survive botched abortions. mom2