Monday, October 13, 2008

The Straight Talk Express...Off the Road Yet Again

Once again, the Straight Talk Express has run off the road. McCain and the Alaskan Bimbo took their eyes off the road and have been floundering around in the mud, while Obama has continued to expand his lead. They tried to turn the campaign into a debate about a mythical relationship between Obama and a 60's radical who did his dirty deeds when Obama was eight years old. Fortunately, there was too much factual information out there about Ayers and Obama, so McPalin was wasting its bad breath.

For the umpteenth time, McCain is again trying to pull his wrecked campaign out of the mud and back onto the pavement. Unfortunately, for him, the road is still lined with potholes. He says he is going to "whip Obama's you know what" tomorrow night in the last debate. That's a strange way to put it for a man known for his profanity. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow night and just how he plans to do his dirty deed. Methinks Obama is too smart to be drawn into a McCain style mud wrestling match.

With three weeks left in this miserable two years of relentless campaigning, what do McCain and the "Bimbo" have left in their bag of tricks? They and their operatives have used up most of their scare tactics, and most voters don't seem to have been fooled. It appears that they are going to try to blast the Bush Regime, but there are too many examples of his bedtime romance with his buddy, "The Shrub." I don't think that will work. He may try to come up with some fantastically expensive economic package, but his record on economics isn't too impressive.

We'll see whether the dented, scraped, and broken "Express" will limp along dodging potholes, or if it will be transformed into a sleek "Silver Eagle." If the past is any indication, the old broken down heap will break again before the finish line.

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Diane J Standiford said...

Bob Schieffer will not be a patsy like the others were. He is skilled and this may be HIS last debate. He will make this a true debate. McCain should be shakin' in his shoes---watch him bring up "beating cancer like you, Bob."
This presidency is Obama's to lose. I don't see that happening.