Friday, June 26, 2009

Jenny Sanford, Finally A Politician's Wife Who Stands Up for Herself and Her Family

Ms Jenny Sanford stands alone among the wives of cheating politicians. She did not stand grimly beside her dirtball spouse as he owned up to his infidelity. She kicked him out of the house a couple of weeks ago. Today, in an interview she said that Sanford had been "told in no uncertain terms not to see her (the other woman)." Obviously, he could not stay away.

She said that he would not be staying with her now. She was also quoted by one source as saying that he had to take care of his career himself, when she was asked about the possibility of his resigning. This woman is strong and she knows where she needs to be. She is not going to take anything off him. She made him by managing his elections, and she will contribute no more, it appears. Great!

Ms Sanford is a wealthy woman and a professional businesswoman in her own right. She does not need the Governor. She is an heir to the Skil tools fortune and a former Wall Street VP. She will take care of herself and her sons, while her husband figures out on his own where he is going from here.

So far this has got to be the best story of a fallen politician's wife. I like her strength. I do not think she is going to take him back unless he makes a major change in his ways and stays true to his word, something he has not done so far. It is a shame for his sons. Obviously, he cared more about this woman in Argentina than he does them. His wife is right to put them first and ensure that they are being cared for at this time.

This must be a most difficult time for Ms Sanford and her sons. She is doing the right thing by standing up to her husband. I certainly hope that she continues to be strong and resists his shallow promises. She will gain nothing by giving in. Not for her sake or for her sons' sake.

"Celebrity Deaths are Spectator Sports" - The No Sin Zone

Satire, but a great deal of truth. Give Betty at the "No Sin Zone" a read.

Why Republicans and Not Democrats?

As I read about this Sanford affair, I am amused by comments from Republicans. They immediately cry "leave him alone!" and "what about Clinton?" Well...what about Clinton? The Republicans tried to crucify him and pressure him out of office. Mr. Sanford was one of the leaders of that group in the House. Mr. Gingrich was another. Gingrich was having one of his many affairs at the same time. Now Mr. Sanford has done the same and gone to great lengths to lie about it, even up to the last minute. It even seemed that he was looking for a way out at his press conference, as he kept stalling and stalling.

So, why do we Democrats go after these holier than thou Republicans? Simply because the Republicans are so quick to condemn and to place themselves at the right hand of God. They talk morality as Gingrich and Sanford and so many others have done. They talk about family values and the sanctity of marriage. Yet, they are secret offenders, hiding their immoral activities, while condemning others. They are the worst of the worst.

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Republican "Swine Flu"

As I watched Gov. Sanford yesterday, crying and stammering around trying to get the courage to tell why he was apologizing to everyone and his brother, I could not help but smile. Like so many other Republicans, he was reaping what he had sowed. They set themselves up by railing against Democrats and gays, touting family values and the "sanctity of marriage, while they are at the same time involved in a sex scandal. Newt Gingrich also comes to mind, of course.

As soon as a Democrat gets caught in the bed with another woman, the Republicans immediately call for a resignation, touting their family values stance, yet they seem to have a plethora of cheaters and married closet gays in their ranks. Vitter of Louisiana was a regular customer of Washington's prostitutes, but he continues to "serve." Ensign, who only this week apologized to his fellow reps hasn't offered to resign. Gingrich, the worst of the worst is even talking about running again. They consider themselves "forgiven." The first line or two of the press conference usually includes the obligatory mention of God's name.

These news conferences seem to be becoming a weekly occurrence. Maybe the Center for Disease Control needs to be called in to study this "virus" before it spreads out of control. We could be in for a pandemic. The Republican version of the Swine Flu has spread from the halls of Congress to the Governor's office of SC. Where will it go next? Give us a week or two. It will not be long until the next announcemnt.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sandford Met...Guess Who?

I was right the first time. Mr. Sanford met a woman in Argentina. This, from Huffington Post's report on his 2 p.m. press conference:

UPDATE: Sanford apologized at a press conference to his family, and his staff at a press conference for "the way that I let them down." He said he had a conversation with his father-in-law a few weeks ago about where "my heart was ... laying my cards on the table."

"There are moral absolutes, God's law is indeed there to protect you from yourself. There are consequences if you breach that. This press conference is a consequence."

"I've been unfaithful to my wife and I've developed a relationship with what stared as a dear, dear friend from Argentina," he finally said.

Poor, poor Mr. Sanford. Did he really think he would get away with it? I wonder if his staff actually knew and was covering for him. I guess his past one man getaways, that his wife thought were head clearing, were forays to Argentina to meet his "girl." According to, his wife has known about the affair for five months. I hope she was worth it, given the fact that he left his young sons on Father's Day to meet his mistress. Pure unadulterated stupidity...but as a have said, he is a Republican and a stupid virus has infected them lately.

Speaking of stupid. Sandford said, “I’ve spent the last five days of my life crying in Argentina. I am committed to trying to get my heart right.” That is the first time I have heard it referred to as "crying," but I will say this for Sanford, he would make a comedian a great straight man. Can you imagine what Letterman, Stewart, Colbert and the other will do with that line?

So...another of the "Family Values" Republicans bites the dust...but he has dropped God's name, in the proper place at his first admission, so all will be forgiven. Well...first there will be the obligatory press conference with his wife standing stoically beside him, supporting him through his "mistake." Then the meeting with some big name preacher, where he will be exorcised of the evil demons, which the devil allowed to take over. Then all will be forgiven.

Sanford has stepped down as Chairman of the Republican Governor's Association. It remains to be seen whether he will step away from the Governor's office. My guess is that he will not. We'll just have to wait to see if his wife steps down from the marriage.

He Says He Was in Argentina?

That's right. SC Governor, Sanford, arrived in Atlanta Wednesday morning from Buenos Aires according to The State, a newspaper in Columbia, SC. His staff said he was hiking. His wife claimed she did not know where he was. She spent the Father's Day weekend with their young sons on the SC coast.

This is one weird story and, apparently, one weird guy. He seems to rank right up their with Sarah Palin among Republicans wanting to be president. The guy goes out of the country by himself, and he leaves no one in charge. His staff does not know where he is. Who knows what he was doing in South America. Unwinding, probably, but what a stupid way to do it. It would have been so easy for the Governor and his family to take a nice vacation together, tell everyone, and who would have cared? Republicans are sure showing their dumber side these days.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where in the World is Mark Sanford?

A TV station in Greenville, SC is reporting that Sanford's vehicle was tracked to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport and that Sanford was seen boarding a plane there, sans security detail. Hmm, maybe he has gone to the Middle East to negotiate peace between the Iranian factions. Maybe he is a CIA agent, infiltrating Hamas. Then again, maybe he took a page from Newt's book and met his girlfriend in Las Vegas for fun weekend, instead of a boring Father's Day with his young sons and his, ho-hum, wife. The lattter sounds more Republican, does it not?

Whatever the case, unless he has a good explanation, his Presidential bid ended before it started. I can hear it now. I sinned. I asked the Lord's forgiveness. He has forgiven me, and now I can go back to doing what I do best...attempting to keep badly needed money from the people of S.C and lying to my wife.

Update on SC Gov Sanford

According to the Atlanta Journal Sanford is hiking on the Appalachian Trail. So...what is the issue here? Why did he not leave information on where he was going with someone? His wife claimed she did not know where he was. His confidante did not know where he was. There is nothing wrong with hiking the AT, so why the secret? Unless, of course, there is something to hide. Makes you wonder what he is really doing, because he is not a big celebrity, and there is no reason to do such an activity in secret. The AT passes about three miles or so from my home, but I am not going to look for him to get his autograph. I would not know him, if he came to my front door.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Yet Another Republican Appears to Self-Destruct

This time it is S.C. Governor, Mark Sanford. Sanford just led an unwise political fight to keep stimulus money from his state. South Carolina has schools that are literally falling apart, yet he refused to take money that would save them. Fortunately, for his state, he lost.

Now Sanford has "disappeared." His wife doesn't know where he is, and has not heard from him in several days, nor does the Lt. Gov. He has supposedly taken time away from his state to recuperate after losing the stimulus fight, and to write something (His resignation, maybe?). His wife and sons were vacationing on the S.C. coast this past father's day weekend. The Lt. Gov. was not left in charge, and a confidante who tried to reach him, said all he got was voice mail.

When I was a manager, responsible for a 24/7 regional operation, I had to leave notice of where I was, so I could be reached. I also left my assistant in charge with instructions to make decisions that he felt comfortable with. I can't imagine a Governor leaving his state (Sanford's last phone call was taken near Atlanta.) with no one in charge and even his wife not knowing where he is. The height of irresponsibility...but this is a Republican, and these days they seem to be capable of the most outrageous behavior.

Gov. Sanford may be taking a page of The Alaskan Bimbo's book. He may be looking for a bit more publicity. If you don't have an unmarried daughter with a child to exploit, or David Letterman to pick a fight with, just "disappear" for awhile. Let your wife and friends create the mystery. Then you can blame the media for making a big fuss over "nothing," and get some sympathy for trying to fight the big bad Democrat in the White House and suffering from exhaustion. There are all kinds of possibilities here.