Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Republican "Swine Flu"

As I watched Gov. Sanford yesterday, crying and stammering around trying to get the courage to tell why he was apologizing to everyone and his brother, I could not help but smile. Like so many other Republicans, he was reaping what he had sowed. They set themselves up by railing against Democrats and gays, touting family values and the "sanctity of marriage, while they are at the same time involved in a sex scandal. Newt Gingrich also comes to mind, of course.

As soon as a Democrat gets caught in the bed with another woman, the Republicans immediately call for a resignation, touting their family values stance, yet they seem to have a plethora of cheaters and married closet gays in their ranks. Vitter of Louisiana was a regular customer of Washington's prostitutes, but he continues to "serve." Ensign, who only this week apologized to his fellow reps hasn't offered to resign. Gingrich, the worst of the worst is even talking about running again. They consider themselves "forgiven." The first line or two of the press conference usually includes the obligatory mention of God's name.

These news conferences seem to be becoming a weekly occurrence. Maybe the Center for Disease Control needs to be called in to study this "virus" before it spreads out of control. We could be in for a pandemic. The Republican version of the Swine Flu has spread from the halls of Congress to the Governor's office of SC. Where will it go next? Give us a week or two. It will not be long until the next announcemnt.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you write a blog about Clinton and all his women (Jennifer, Paula, Lewinsky and who else only God knows). You seem infatuated with gory stories, but only if Republicans.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Quite simple, actually. Maybe you should go back and work on your reading comprehension. If it were Clinton, I'd get on him as well, but he never condemned others for things he did himself, as Mr. Sanford, Mr. Gingrich and other Republicans have done. You might also notice that I haven't called for Mr. Sanford's resignation. I'm not a S. Carolinian. That's for the people of S.C. to decide. Given the information that is coming out regarding his use of funds and his repeated lies they would be crazy not to pressure him out.