Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update on SC Gov Sanford

According to the Atlanta Journal Sanford is hiking on the Appalachian Trail. So...what is the issue here? Why did he not leave information on where he was going with someone? His wife claimed she did not know where he was. His confidante did not know where he was. There is nothing wrong with hiking the AT, so why the secret? Unless, of course, there is something to hide. Makes you wonder what he is really doing, because he is not a big celebrity, and there is no reason to do such an activity in secret. The AT passes about three miles or so from my home, but I am not going to look for him to get his autograph. I would not know him, if he came to my front door.

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Stephen Fox said...

Gov Sanford is not a bad guy. He is a graduate of Marshall Frady and my alma mater, Furman; Sanford about 8 years after me in 83.

He has signed on to Harry Dent jr.'s economic theories, that may be the most interesting thing about him.

He means well.

He just took a hike.