Friday, May 29, 2009

Atlanta Mayor and the Proverbial Mountain from a Mole Hill

Atlanta Mayor, Shirley Franklin, is making far too much from a statement by a frustrated Atlanta police officer. Last week an officer frustrated over the city's lack of support for officers and and other employees, severely injured on the job, said that he would like to beat the Mayor over the head with a baseball bat. It appears to be nothing more than a paraphrase of an old saying about getting someones attention or knocking some sense into them. The officer was suspended for the remark.

Now the Mayor has filed a complaint with both federal and local Fulton County prosecutors over the remark, saying that she feels intimidated and wants the officer investigated. Come on Ms Franklin, you are a public official. You hear things like this all the time. Could it be that this is a really an issue with the employees' union not a personal one? Could it be that you feel intimidated because the city has not provided proper medical support for these severely injured employees?

A simply remark by a frustrated employee should be given attention, but not to the extent of involving federal and local prosecutors. The officer has been disciplined. It was a minor incident, but the Mayor appears determined to make a mountain out of a molehill in her fight to ensure that injured employees remain quiet and in their places.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sotomayor Nomination Racisit?

In 2005, when Alberto Gonzales was nominated for Attorney General, Orrin Hatch said the following:

"Look, this is not just any nomination. This is a nomination for the Attorney General of the United States of America. This is the first Hispanic ever nominated for that position, or for any of the big four positions in the Cabinet of any President. We work with Hispanic people all over America who are every bit as devoted to our country as any citizen who has ever been in this country. I personally love Hispanic people. Frankly, I know my friends in the Hispanic community, and Hispanic people all over America, are watching this debate, and they are sensing something very unfair going on here."

"And to have this man come from the most humble of circumstances, which typifies the struggle every immigrant family in this country has gone through, and to not give him this opportunity when he is fully qualified for it, I think, would be a travesty.

"When I talk to people around the country, I sometimes tell them that within the Hispanic community there is a shared hope for an opportunity to succeed. Just give me a chance to prove myself -- that is a common prayer for those in my community. I ask my colleagues to do exactly that -- give Judge Gonzales a chance to prove himself. He will not let you down."

Now, when President Obama nominates Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, the GOP is singing a different song. Racist they say. Obama is simply touting affirmative action, they say, meaning, of course, that the Judge isn't qualified. Republican double talk at its best.

Newt Gingrich immediately pounced upon a statement that Ms Sotomayor made regarding her experience as a Latina woman vs that of a white man. Racist? Maybe, maybe not. I do not think she was talking about anything more than her raising, something that is done all the time. Nevertheless, Newt and his buddy, The Fat Blowhard leader of the Republican Party, are hard at work trying to label Sotomayor and President Obama as racist. It will work well with the racist base of the party, but will it play with moderate Republicans, if there are any, and independents?

The GOP is playing with fire. It tried hard to win women and Hispanics during the recent election with little success. The party of "angry old white men" could not get beyond its anger. With its attacks on Judge Sotomayor the GOP will continue to alienate a block of voters that it needs to win over in order to succeed.

I never cease to be amazed, and I try not to continue to write about this, but it is so hard to ignore the fact that this party of fat old white men can not get its foot out of its mouth long enough to take a deep breath before the next issue hits the fan. Then that big old stinking foot goes right back in to be chewed on some more. It is sad and funny at the same time. They are being consumed by their hatred and they can not get past it.

White Roofs?

I'm all for going green. I think we all need to work hard to save energy where we can and reduce our dependence upon oil and coal. It will he healthier for people and the earth, and it will save us money in the long run. ...but paint our roofs white? The new energy secretary wants us to paint our roofs white.

Every now and then someone in government cheapens a good cause by coming up with a cockeyed scheme. Yes, light colored roofs do help save energy, but how many roofs in this country can be painted? Mine can't. Few of my neighbors have metal roofs, the only roof that can be painted. Even with metal roofs, there has to be some good preparation to ensure that the paint will not peel in a short time, leaving an unsightly mess and an expensive repaint. Mr. Chu, the Energy Secretary, in my opinion, should have advocated using white roofing material when a roof needs to be replaced.

Such an idea in theory is good, but in reality all it does is give the anti-global warming people and, in this case the Republicans, something to sink their teeth into to make fun of the Administration. Where were the Energy Secretary's handlers? Better yet, where in left field was the Energy Secretary when this light bulb came on? Sometimes, we need to think things over a bit, before we open our mouths, especially those in the public spotlight. Remember Gerald Ford and his WIN buttons?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Go Colin Powell!!

Great take from CNN on Colin Powell vs The Evil One and The Fat Blowhard. Also a good definition of what a political party is this country is all about:

With Rove, Cheney and others backing the bombastic Limbaugh, it appears that these folks are feeding on each other, oblivious to the real world. They do not want to allow anyone into their "club," who does not agree with them, while their ratings among the mainstream voters continue to drop. It appears that they are moving toward some sort of "test," which must be passed in order to claim membership. Yet another step toward oblivion for the once Grand Old Party.