Wednesday, May 27, 2009

White Roofs?

I'm all for going green. I think we all need to work hard to save energy where we can and reduce our dependence upon oil and coal. It will he healthier for people and the earth, and it will save us money in the long run. ...but paint our roofs white? The new energy secretary wants us to paint our roofs white.

Every now and then someone in government cheapens a good cause by coming up with a cockeyed scheme. Yes, light colored roofs do help save energy, but how many roofs in this country can be painted? Mine can't. Few of my neighbors have metal roofs, the only roof that can be painted. Even with metal roofs, there has to be some good preparation to ensure that the paint will not peel in a short time, leaving an unsightly mess and an expensive repaint. Mr. Chu, the Energy Secretary, in my opinion, should have advocated using white roofing material when a roof needs to be replaced.

Such an idea in theory is good, but in reality all it does is give the anti-global warming people and, in this case the Republicans, something to sink their teeth into to make fun of the Administration. Where were the Energy Secretary's handlers? Better yet, where in left field was the Energy Secretary when this light bulb came on? Sometimes, we need to think things over a bit, before we open our mouths, especially those in the public spotlight. Remember Gerald Ford and his WIN buttons?

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Diane J Standiford said...

My Seattle mayor is jumping the shark with his recycling programs. Now he wants people to remove their own trash from parks. He is removing trash bins. hahahahaha