Friday, May 29, 2009

Atlanta Mayor and the Proverbial Mountain from a Mole Hill

Atlanta Mayor, Shirley Franklin, is making far too much from a statement by a frustrated Atlanta police officer. Last week an officer frustrated over the city's lack of support for officers and and other employees, severely injured on the job, said that he would like to beat the Mayor over the head with a baseball bat. It appears to be nothing more than a paraphrase of an old saying about getting someones attention or knocking some sense into them. The officer was suspended for the remark.

Now the Mayor has filed a complaint with both federal and local Fulton County prosecutors over the remark, saying that she feels intimidated and wants the officer investigated. Come on Ms Franklin, you are a public official. You hear things like this all the time. Could it be that this is a really an issue with the employees' union not a personal one? Could it be that you feel intimidated because the city has not provided proper medical support for these severely injured employees?

A simply remark by a frustrated employee should be given attention, but not to the extent of involving federal and local prosecutors. The officer has been disciplined. It was a minor incident, but the Mayor appears determined to make a mountain out of a molehill in her fight to ensure that injured employees remain quiet and in their places.

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That Baptist Ain't Right said...

That was my thinking too. When I heard the tape, it was obvious to m that he was speaking out of frustration & using hyperbole. Still, it wasn't a smart thing to say & I could see some sort of reprimand. Me thinks Franklin is trying to intimidate the union & tha guy in particular.