Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bachmann Says Hardball a Trap

Rep. Michelle Bachmann, the Neanderthal Congresswoman from Minnesota says she had never seen Hardball and that she walked into a trap. I have news for you Ms Bachmann, when someone asks you a straight forward question, i.e. "Do you believe that Obama is anti-American," and you answer "absolutely," it isn't a trap. You are a politician. You've been elected to a high public office. You should be smart enough to keep your mouth shut. Every reporter is not a FOX News shill, who only asks Democrats tough questions.

Now she is trying to say that she didn't say that Obama is anti-American. How can she stand up in front of anyone and deny it? She actually said that she didn't call for a press investigation of Congress to separate the anti and pro-Americans. I find it very interesting that politicians like Bachmann and N.C. Rep. Robin Hayes think they can lie themselves out of the stupid statements that they make before cameras and the press. This kind of lying has worked for politicians for years. I suppose these current Republicans think that because George Bush has gotten away with it for the last eight years, they can also. The voters are fed up with this kind of low class demagoguery.

Then there is, of course, the Queen of Stupid, Ms. Sarah "Bimbo" Palin. The election is two weeks away, and she still hasn't read the Constitution to find out exactly what the Vice President is charged with doing. She failed the "I am smarter than a third grader" miserably. I wonder what the McCain campaign wreck will try to spin out of her latest stupid statement. No Ms Palin, the VP isn't "in charge" of the Senate.

Keep it up stupid pols. The election is only two weeks away. You can lose. That goes for you too John Murtha, Barney Frank, and Chuck Shumer. You can still lose. Keep your mouth shut. If you can't say something intelligent or constructive stay home and away from the cameras.