Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Latest GOP Ploy

Early voting seems to be swinging toward Democrats, yet according to Republican polls, the GOP has a tremendous lead. John Boehner has been touring our state making promises about whom he is going to appoint to committees after the GOP takeover next year. Republicans are assuring the American public that they will "retake America." But wait. Could there be something more sinister here? With the GOP anything is possible.

It seems quite plausible. Publish your in-house polls showing your overwhelming lead. Tour the country promising committee appointments. However, if the American voter sees through your scam and knows what a horrible move it would be to return you to power after eight years of corruption, the destruction of the middle class, and and an unnecessary war, then you lose in Nov. What better way bring up Acorn and voter fraud, foment discontent, and talk revolution against the Muslim in the White House? It's a win win situation. If by some accident, you do accomplish a takeover in the Congress, then you say I told you so and all is right in the world.

The current state of incorrigible GOP hatred that is spreading around the country is a perfect setting to do further damage to this country. Republicans are openly fomenting racial hatred toward Muslims, Latinos, and African Americans. They continue to arouse hatred of gays and Muslims through their fundamentalist religious arm. One has to wonder where all of this hatred will lead if the GOP does not make the tremendous gains it is predicting in the coming election. It is not a good sign for the future of this country. Hopefully, saner heads will prevail somehow, yet the GOP has no statesmen to speak sensibly and take charge of an increasingly violent core.

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Diane J Standiford said...

yeah, like most Democrats, I didn't expect this election to be so interesting. Yet, I predicted a huge backlash is a black man got to be Prez. A Latino on Supreme Court. What next? Bill Clinton in charge of our economy?! The horror!