Friday, October 22, 2010

The GOP's Goal: Kill Public Education

Recently, a tea party candidate in California expressed his opposition to public education, saying that it is unconstitutional. Across the country others have expressed similar views. Collectively, they promise to destroy the Department of Education. Here in Georgia the Republican administration has cut millions from the education budget.

It is very easy for the GOP to give lip service to improving education. However, Republicans are not talking about improving public education. They are referring to their continuing efforts to undermine public education in favor of private, so-called Christian education. For several years the GOP has pushed the idea of vouchers, funded with tax money, to support the enrollment of the middle class in private schools. The idea is to siphon away students and tax money destined for public schools, thus beginning a slow decay of the public school system. Oh, did I mention that most of these students would be white students?

This effort is no more than a return to segregation. Poor whites and minorities would be relegated to the public schools, where, as in the days of segregation, little would be done to improve facilities or curriculum. By accomplishing this, the Republicans would have developed a controlled environment whereby the private school system, funded by tax money, would produce young minds, brainwashed in Republican thought. In the meantime, through poor education, the increasing numbers of poor whites and minorities would be generally relegated to the menial labor jobs and kept in financial slavery.

In my home district we have a Republican incumbent, who has never attended a public school in his life. He home schools his children, and has no interest what so ever in improving public education in Georgia. He is incorrigibly corrupt and thus so much like many other modern day Republicans, including our GOP candidates for governor and lieutenant governor. If he wins, he will join the others of his ilk in Georgia and across the country as they continue to chop away at the American tradition of public education that has brought so many millions to successful lives and our country to greatness.


Doug B said...

I'm constantly amazed at how anyone can take these folks and their crazy ideas seriously.

Diane J Standiford said...

All I can say is thank goodness people like you DO still live there and vote, have a blog, hold the fort as best you can. Sometimes that is all we can do. Your post is exactly correct in who, what,how and why--I hope the overall ending will find the Tea party a tiny note in the sand.

That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Right on. Amen. Tell it again. You nailed it.

Fact is, they want to dismantle public education so they can practice segregation AND give religious instruction. See, they don't think it is enough they can give religious instruction the THEIR kids but they want to give that same religious indoctrination to EVERY KID. The only way they can do that is to remove public education from the table and make it all private once more.

And they really do want to do that.