Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Stupid Things We Do Are God's Fault?

This comment, today, on Facebook was in response to a friends post about cancer, our poor eating habits and the dangers of eating today's foods:

"... they were not all of this so called organic stuff when our grand parents and great grand parents were alive and they usually lived to be up into their late 80's to early 90's and some of them smoked everyday, so I think that the reason the world has turned the way it is is that we've turned our back on God, and that's my 2 cents "

My response was to tell this person not to blame our stupidity on God. We are the ones who lace our foods with chemicals during the growing and preservation processes. We eat foods that are made entirely of chemicals. I went on to say that our grandparents were the original organic gardeners, growing and preserving their vegetables and meat without chemicals.

I am always amused when people take the easy way out on events that they refuse to acknowledge or cannot explain. It is so easy to blame God. When a child or another innocent is killed by a drunk driver, God is blamed. Someone dies from cancer and it is God's "plan." A teenager speeds and is killed. God does it all to make the survivor's stronger and to teach them a lesson.

I'm sorry. I just do not buy it. I think blaming God is the equivalent of burying one's head in the sand. These people do not want to face reality. We make choices in our lives. Sometimes those choices are the wrong ones. We depend upon others for our well being and sometimes they fail. God does not cause earthquakes in Chile or Haiti and kill thousands of innocent people to teach lessons. If you want to believe this kind of stuff, at least have Him kill the bad people to teach a lesson. That would make the process more palatable.


Diane J Standiford said...

God and Jesus---always the easy way out. No need to look in the mirror. Aunt Vi, she is 103, grew most of her own vegetables, cooked her own food, kept her house spotless, walked everywhere--fAST, never smoked, drank in moderation, ate in moderation. And went to church when she could. I NEVER heard her BLAME God or man for her woes. Genes. Weather. Use your brain people.

Doug B said...

Why do we not stress logic and critical thinking skills in our schools? To the extent we do I'm sure it is being offset by the culture of metaphysical mumbo-jumbo that abounds around us.

Diane J Standiford said...

Why are football teams/cheerleaders, held in greater regard than debate teams? Such thinking as Doug mentions IS in our schools, but it is trumped by big muscles, winning games, and there also goes the most money. Then it proceeds to society. Same with acting/drama classes---school plays bring in bucks; not so for the speech teams. This is AMERICA. Money is respected above all else.

Dirk said...

The view that God does bad things to people comes from traditional religious theology, not Christian teaching. The Bible is very clear that God gave man a free will to choose, even whether or not to accept Jesus. God is not responsible for our bad choices. Even home insurance policies have the well-known phrase "acts of God."

And as for the food - I am glad I'm not the only one in this country who recognizes the most likely source of many of our medical problems comes from the chemicals that are in everything we eat! God doesn't put this stuff in our food, we do.

That's the one difference between the days of our great-grandparents & grandparents & now.

Science has already shown that the steroids in meat, for example, cause children to mature faster physically than they should. But, the FDA won't touch it because there's too much money in it.

Good post!