Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCain's VP Choice a Throwback to Old Days

John McCain has made his choice for VP and one wonders exactly what he was thinking, or was he actually thinking? Maybe he was having one of his frequent senior moments, when he can remember much. Is it possible that one day soon when asked, he will say, "well I was a POW in North Vietnam...."

Gov. Pallin is a woman. Not a problem. She is a governor. Not a problem. She has less than two years experience as a governor of a less than bustling state and little experience in public life. A problem. Apparently, McCain and the Republicans, want to continue to move us backward as a country. Years ago the choice of a VP was little news. It was often an unknown person, because the VP was considered to be of little value to the ticket and would only come into play if something happened to the president. Therefore, little thought was put into the choice, and no one really cared.

In recent years the VP position has been taken more seriously and VP's have become more involved in the administrations, some too involved as the last eight years have shown us. So McCain, I suppose, is apparently going in the opposite direction with a candidate who is unknown and inexperienced. If that isn't the case, then why did he choose Pallin?

Could it be that he is trying to attract women voters? Voters who might have voted for Hillary? I have news. It won't work. The American voter right now is much smarter than that. Not only that, but the American voter is fed up with shenanigans such as McCain has just pulled. We have had this kind of wool pulled over our eyes for the last eight years.

There could be one other reason...she is young and attractive. Cindy McCain was once young and attractive, when Johnny cheated on his wife to be with her. Should Cindy be worried? Nah, he can't remember why he did that because he "was a POW in North Vietnam..."

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