Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Talking Heads Pre-empt the Conventions

The networks, cable and broadcast, have decided to forgo televising the conventions in favor of their talking heads. According to the networks, they don't want to broadcast an ongoing "infomercial." I'm sorry network folks, but it is a political convention. One network, FOX News, the fair and balanced folks, broadcast Rudy Giuliani instead of former VA Gov. Warner's keynote speech last night. We can effectively eliminate that network from this discussion, since they are decidedly "balanced" in favor of the Republican Party anyway.

The networks, therefore, have decided that their talking heads' opinions and constant blathering about this candidate or that are more important than the voters, who are watching. As a Democrat, I can't attend the convention, so I want to see and hear all of what is being said there, not just a few important speeches. For example, last night there was a lady from Alabama, who spoke about her unfortunate experience of being paid less than her equal male counterparts. She was not a professional speaker, just someone like me. The networks decided that I wouldn't be interested in hearing that.

Next week the Republicans will take the spotlight and, presumably, we will get more of the same. The networks will decide what is best for us to see, instead of broadcasting the real convention. After all, they must find something for all those "brilliant minds" to talk about, and argue about, and on and on ... for hours, until someone of note speaks.

If you want to see the real convention without a plethora of self important blathering idiots filling time talking, look to C-Span. They simply show the convention. There is no analysis. You can make up your own mind about what you are seeing without some dunce talking and talking and talking. My late mother called it "talking to hear your head roar." I don't know a better way of putting it.


That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Watcha wanna bet Fox "Fair & Balanced" won't be as fair next week?

Doug Robertson said...

This has annoyed me to no end all week, I keep switching back and forth and everywhere in between to try to catch whatever keynote speaker might be on stage while instead they choose to talk amongst themselves, about nothing new we haven't heard from them already. What's been most annoying, is that they will split-screen the damn thing and show whoever might be speaking that I might actually want to hear, but with no sound while the other half is whichever talking head blathering about whatever. Why even bother to show the goings on, if you're not going to actually air the damn thing? It's very annoying.