Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is Barrak Obama African American Or Caucasian American?

As I watch the Democratic Convention this week a thought continues to turn over in my mind. Barrack Obama is the product of a white mother and a black African father. For all practical purposes, he is half white, half black. So, then, how is he considered to be an African American?

He has a dark skin and the hair of a black African, yet his other features are predominately Caucasian. How is it that he is a ground breaking African American? I keep thinking, why should one race claim him and not the other? Why can't he simply be an American?

I don't mean to sound racist in any way, I just can't help but wonder why this is so. Why is it that those who are the offspring of a white and black union are always considered African American? I know the answer, yet I continue to have trouble accepting it. Race is such a troubling part of our culture.

As the demographics in this country change, I wonder how the country will change. Will it be for the good? Or will it turn ugly as it has in so many other cases around the world. A geography professor of my once said that the reason there are few racial issues in Latin America is because the races have so long been mixed that there is no clear racial divide. Will this happen to us in the U.S.? Something to ponder as we enter what so many are calling a new era with an African American presidential nominee and, hopefully in a few months, President of the United States.

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That Baptist Ain't Right said...

"Why can't he simply be an American?"

I was thinking the same thing last night during the acceptance speech.

Preach it.