Friday, August 8, 2008

The New Timetable Fairy Tale

Iraqi officials are saying that they are close to an agreement to remove US combat troops by 2010. According to McCain and Bush that would be a strategy to "lose" the "war." This, of course, is the same "timetable" that they have ridiculed Obama for advocating. Bush so badly wants to get his illegal treaty to maintain bases in Iraq, that he will agree to this "timetable." How, then, will Bush and his best buddy, McCain, turn on the typical Republican double speak spin to make it positive?

Once upon a time...

The "surge" has worked. Iraq is now at peace, their army and police force are viable, and NOW we can talk about a timetable. Obama's strategy is bad, because he was advocating it BEFORE we knew that the surge was completely successful.

The "war" in Iraq is over and won. We can celebrate victory and look forward to bringing our people home soon. A "Mission Accomplished" banner will be erected in front of the White House as proof of this victory. Iraqi oil is flowing freely, and they will begin repaying us the money we have spent "freeing" them from Saadam Hussein.

God bless America and vote for John McCain.

...and they lived happily ever after.


foxofbama said...

In a rush but want to tip you and your constituency to a great link from the WSJ on Southern Strategy Reversal in Alabama.
Great News.
Just click over and click on the story.

Thanks for the comment on my blog on the Summer of 1980. It was a Hot one.

Doug B said...

Well, I never was a believer in fairy tales. And I never was a believer in George W. Bush. Now we can forget all the brave service men and women who were killed or maimed for life, who AREN"T going to live happily ever after because of this misguided fiasco. What's worse, the neocons have not learned a thing and are itching to attack Iran. It raises my blood pressure everytime I think about this.

Diane J Standiford said...

And I'll eat my gingerbread house and fall fast asleep zzzzzz