Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Republicans Still Like Earmarks

An article on McClatchy chronicles the Republican earmarks in the new budget. It seems that they can not give them up. Democrats, of course, have made few rants against this pork spending, so they have more than their share. The Congress has feigned outrage at the banking community for its openly wasteful spending of the stimulus money, yet it can not give up its Christmas presents for the folks back home. Like the banks, it appears Congress does not get "it" either.

President Obama has said that he will use his line item veto to remove wasteful spending. Last night in his speech he talked a great deal about responsibility in spending. Time will tell if he lives up to his word, but I tend to think that he will. John McCain, reverting back to the old McCain, has called for the President to use his veto. That is the only way that Congress will get the message that it, too, must show responsibility and set the example.

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