Monday, April 13, 2009

The Tea Parties

This week the so-called tea parties will rear their ugly heads across the country. Led by the right wing fanatics who are totally absorbed with trying to find a way to bring the country down, they are nothing more than another slap at a president that they haven't been able to accept. I hope I never hear another word about how Al Gore and the Democrats were sore losers in 2000.

The Republicans are trying to say that this "movement" is a grass roots one, not a right-wing conspiracy, but the fact that FOX News is promoting it, Sean Hannity is taking his "show" on the road with it, and Republican billionaires are funding it kind of gives it all away. The rich Republicans are so afraid their taxes will go up, and they will have to pay their fair share, they are shaking in their boots. For the past eight years they have had a free ride.

Then there are the other wackos. The following video pretty much says it all:

When you start the book burning talk and the "communist" (I thought communist was out of vogue) accusations, it kind of gives it all away. Then there is, of course, the obligatory "Obama is not a citizen" crap. It is all an anti-Obama, he's black and we can't have that, tirade. No one knows what will happen in the future, tax-wise. What we do know is that we will get a tax break soon. We also know that the high deficits began with Republicans rubber-stamping the Bush Regime's out of control spending.

They will show themselves this week. A few will make big bucks off it, and we will again see the Republicans at their worst, ranting and raving about Obama and how we need to "pray" for his failure. The netherworld pundits will stir the pot and rally the faithful base to continue to help bring the country down in their never ending anti-American tirades. Glen Beck will pretend to cry.(By the way. Have you heard that Glen Beck is going on a comedy tour? I have said all along that these nutcases are comedians and that we should be laughing at them. I think that I have been exonerated.) Rush will sweat and his fat will jiggle as he urges his poor sheep into the fold. What a spectacle it will be!


That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Well said. You may want to check out this video (75 minutes) by Naomi Wolf. Pretty much says it all.

Anonymous said...

If your bias was not so broad and sweeping, it would be funny. However, it is sad and even more astounding the lack of spiritual discernment. I guess I am about through bothering to browse your site. We all need to pray more and quit pretending to know much in our own understanding. Your bitterness is showing. mom2

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Bitterness, mom2? Who is bitter? The only ones who are bitter are the Republicans who can't accept that they lost. I think this whole Tea Party thing is funny. It has absolutely no connection with the Boston Tea Party, and is merely a sham.

I hate to see you go, mom2. We have had some good discussions.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think you have the issues wrong here. This is not about left or right wingers. This is about "We the People". People our Government have failed and forgotten about. Our voices haven't been heard for far to long. This isn't an Obama issue, or a black issue. This is about a Government that has grown far too big and has controlling agendas that do not have the best interest of it's people in mind. This isn't about being anti-American.If anything it is about being an AMERICAN! Your labeling of being Anti-American is completely offensive and it borders disgusting. This isn't about Obama or Bush, this is about people waking up to the fact that not only is our Government out of control, but it's too damn big, and it's control over the people is tyrantical in nature. This Tea party is not about Republican or Democrat. It doesn't matter which party is in office, neither party can function without the other.
Your blog almost sounds like you would prefer American's to go back to sleep and watch their TV shows instead of getting involved and supporting each other in what is the most troubling times we have seen. Our Government as a whole has been out of control for far too long & we have all sat back and allowed it to happen. There is a season for everything and now is the season to lift up our voices to be heard. Quit listening to the mainstream media and look outside the box for the real journalists out there,the ones that aren't controlled and paid for. And please.. know the difference between concerned, worried, mindful & awakened Americans that want to live a free life w/ their families, that want to retire with what they earned all their hard working lives, that want a Government that actually listens to the concerns of their people. I am very disappointed in this blog site, and the fact that you are a Blairsville neighbor of mine. It is sad to see yet another person that doesn't love their fellow man. Just remember that it is the People that built this Country, that made it great. Not our Government. It is our Government that has been led astray by greed and wealth, while the hard working people of this country get pushed and shoved to the bottom of the pit! The news today is WE ARE CLIMBING OUT OF THE PIT LIKE IT OR NOT!

Georgia Mountain Man said...

If these so-called tea parties were actually a grass roots organization and had started back when the Bush Administration was unnecessarily sending the deficits out of sight, I might tend to take them differently. If they weren't backed by Republican millionaires and such hacks as Hannity and his kind weren't pushing them, I might also agree. Let's watch and listen today and see what we hear. It will be primarily anti-Obama/Democrat, I'm betting, since the organizers and most of those attending are anti-Obama/Democrat.

Anonymous said...

I didn't support the Bush administration, nor do I support the Obama administration, as neither has shown true support of the people! You are still not looking at the bigger picture here. here is a personal note: I myself started to pay attention to political issues approx. a year ago. What I discovered while researching history and current events was appalling to me. I actual became angry with myself for not paying attention to what was happening to our country and wondered, "What is wrong with us as a united people?" Where are our voices & strengths? They were very few in numbers! People get caught up with their lives, we lack attention, and now look what has happened..! We allowed our Government to literally take over. For me and many people this isn't about a political party, this is about being mad at ourselves for allowing such controlling greed. I pay attention daily now and am a proud American and I am proud of myself for taking action for my rights and my children's rights. This is bigger than a Tea Party to show our dislike against being taxed to death, This is about people finally waking up and saying we were wrong to allow this to happen and now we are standing together to be heard.
These problems are not going to go away, not anytime soon, if at all. Our Government needs to know that we are watching and listening now, and that we are not happy with the actions from either party.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Thanks. I see where you are coming from now. Unfortunately, I think you will find that many of those caught up in this do not feel exactly as you do. The organizers are very political and have an ulterior motive. If it works out to be as you say, then it will be for the good. I do doubt that very much. I pretty much agree with you, but I have a more positive outlook because history tells us that this has happened many times before. I was reading last night a biography of Harriet Beecher Stowe which reminded me of the big corporate and individual greed leading to the "panic" or depression of 1867. It was very similar to now. Usually, depressions such as the current one come from some kind of corporate or banking greed and the public becomes caught up in it as it has with the current issue. The ensuing depression leads to movements such as the so-called tea parties, which have nothing to do with the original. In the case of this movement it is primarily politically induced. We'll see what the outcome is.

Anonymous said...

Well I attended a the Great Tea Party of 2009 in the Town of Blairsville Georgia, and I have to say that it was an honor to stand by young, old, veterans, fellow Christians, and true Patriots as I did today. This was a peaceful yet truly spirited rally that meant a lot for me to be a part of and it had nothing ugly in it. It echoed what the human spirit is all about and the hope for change through spoken voices.
P.S. I am also the one that wrote the two latest blogs on this site.
You can call me Gemm

Georgia Mountain Man said...

I heard there was a good crowd today. Glad it meant something good for you.